'what's up' weekly.

whoa.  okay.  better late than never, now that it's 9:00 at night?  sure.

okay, last week.  we kicked off saturday by heading down to my hometown for the day, to surprise my grandpa for his birthday.  this photo is from earlier this summer, when i had a major farmer's tan/burn on display, but i think you get the gist: my grandpa's pretty rad.

sunday was sunday funday, which was a great opportunity to just rest.  i mentioned last week that i had come down with the flu last wednesday night, but either it was a really long-lived bug or the pregnancy made it hard to kick, but it took nearly a week to recover from the horrible exhaustion.  i'm feeling better now, thank goodness, although penelope had some kind of stomach thing last night, so i'm hoping this doesn't spread any further.

unrelatedly, finneas threw a fit about...something.  what else is new?

monday, i wimped out and skipped homeschooling because i was so near-to-comatose tired.  tuesday, i got my act together a little better and actually did school AND went to connection group.  no need for applause or anything.

wednesday i had my preggo appointment and it turns out my insurance has been suspended until all my renewal paperwork can be processed.  which is pretty nervewracking, considering i'd really love to have medical insurance when it comes time to bring forth life and all that.

thursday, laurelai had her two-year check up.  she weighed in at 21 lbs.  you grow, girl.  this is how she dressed herself earlier this week.  (she kept raising her sword and yelling, "SOLDIER! PIRATE! SOLDIER!")

this is how finneas dressed himself earlier this week.  he said he was a minion.  makes sense.

and today was friday, in all its catch-up-on-homeschool, wash-penelope's-puke-sheets, stain-treat-the-pukey-rug glory.  it was a long one, but we made it.

we spent lots of time this week reading laur's favorite book, pajama time by sandra boynton.

also, our pumpkin harvest is out of control.  i planted only two hills of pumpkins, then neglected my garden all summer, and so far we've harvested nineteen pumpkins.  yeah.  so... i'm off to figure out what the heck to do with nineteen pumpkins.

and in preggo news, here we are.  i'm starting to feel like i've got a twenty-pound rock strapped to my body at all hours of the day, which is pretty accurate and pretty exhausting.  i have to spend a lot of time laying down to take the pressure off my back.  i went to lay down today and penelope said, 'you sure do like to lay on the couch, mom.'  true that, little one.  at least i've had a lot of great company.

i spent time this week washing and sorting all the clothes for rocco.  wow...some of the them are in bad shape.  i bought most of them used at garage sales before atticus was born, and since then they've survived two babies (or, in the case of the gender-neutral apparel, four babies).  so i trashed some that were wayyy far gone, i put some in the goodwill pile, and i'm making a list of a few things we'll want to pick up before we bring him home.  it will be weird, putting a van voorst baby in clothes that have never been worn before.  this must be how the upper crust lives.

now onto checking off some of the other things on the prep list: making freezer meals, deep cleaning the bathroom cupboard, installing the carseat, making a list of stuff to take to the hospital, and making sure i have all the ingredients on hand for the giant margarita i plan on making in congratulations to myself after the birth.  you know, the essentials.

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todd said...

you're the cutest 20lb weightliftress ever!