laurelai's second birthday.

we started the day by frosting and decorating the cupcakes we'd made the day before.  the sisters were especially helpful/hungry.

then, laurelai was clearly two.  two is so much cuter than one, don't you think? ...although, one is pretty cute.  i think i miss one already.  but not too terribly much, because HELLO?!!  two is so darn cute.

then, we kicked it into high gear with the actual party shenanigans.  first shenanigan on the agenda: lunch.

then it was time to blow out the candles and try the cupcakes.  laurelai blew out the first candle on her own, but then seemed to get really concerned about the blown out candle and started to pout, so i had to blow out the second one for her.  she seemed grateful.

and our last shenanigan of the day: opening presents.  she was totally mesmerized by this baby doll whose eyes open and close.

and this card contained stickers, a fact she clearly didn't hate about it.  (when she opened it, she whispered, 'woooooowwwww.')

and this very realistic baby doll potty chair was such a hit, she decided to christen it herself the following day when i wasn't looking.

in all, it was such a great day, and laurelai had so much fun.  i had a blast, too - last year, we were on vacation on her birthday, and we threw her a party at my grandma's.  so this year, it was kind of like getting to throw her a first birthday all over again, since it was the first time we got to do the house up all party-like for her and serve the classic van voorst birthday trio in her honor:  sandwiches, chips and grapes. 

and laurelai seemed a-ok with it.  which is the greatest part.


Amanda Cushman said...

That is one seriously cute 2 year old! Happy Birthday Laurelai!

todd said...

this was a really fun day!