the iowa state fair: it's a fair for the whole state of iowa.

okay, it's finally time to blog about the state fair.  now that it's mid-september and all.

we left right after breakfast to head to des moines, where we met up with my sister, lauren, and her boyfriend, austin.  

we headed out to the grounds, and job #1 was finding the kids some lunch.  ahem, finding is not really an accurate description of what all was involved, as the state fair is patronized pretty much only by hundreds and hundreds of food vendors and then a couple other people who show up.  the kids had corn dogs, i had the classic standby, Ye Olde Grande Turkey Legge.  we drank about seventeen strawberry smoothies.

then the kids checked out the bean tunnel and the nauseatingly large pumpkins.

then we had more strawberry smoothies.  gotta stay hydrated, right?

then we headed to the animal barns, where penelope fell in love with this white rabbit...

...and the kids got to, er, marvel at the largest pig and largest bull, respectively.  ahh, the miracles of nature as seen through the eyes of a child.

then, to get their minds off of things, we headed over to the big slide.  lauren, austin, and todd all took turns riding down with the kids.  everyone had a blast.

this is finneas' review of the experience:

todd and austin took the three biggest kids on the ferris wheel.  

there was some concern finneas might not be tall enough to ride, even though he really had his heart set on it, but glory be, look at that.

the kids LOVED it, if you can't tell.

some other rando stuff happened throughout the day, like finneas chilling out and attempting a nap, and finneas looking every bit his age and then some (and then some more - i swear he's got an old man trapped inside his body).

also?  laur and lauren had a ball being name-sisters, and atticus attempted to reach his own state fair prize.

everyone loved lauren and austin the most (except, they really loved austin the most and lauren was primarily an acceptable third wheel).

and we ended the day hanging out by the tractors and eating the World's Best Ice Cream, I Swear.

atticus' review of the day?  it was van-climbing good.


The Crislers said...

Kids in ferris wheels are one of life's great stressors for me. I freaked out a little just looking at your photos. Children are just so freaking spontaneous and their motions are often so jerky, so to send them many feet into the air... *shudder*. Derek may or may not have taken advantage of this in the past by rocking the gondola we were in while letting a toddler Adelaide STAND UP in the thing while we were at the top. I'm still working on forgiving him.

paige said...

right?! i hate ferris wheels, and while the kids were on it, i stayed safely on the ground, pretending they were at home in a heavily supervised bubble bath and not suspended hundreds of feet in the air by a ride assembled by a carny only a few days prior. it's fantastic to know that my young children are braver than i am. maybe it's because they're naive? probably it's because they're not old enough to have developed weird neuroses.

todd said...

save ferris