'what's up' weekly.

we had a busy weekend this past week.  it kicked off with an early wake-up on saturday so that i could be in waterloo by 7:00 to pick up my bountiful baskets order.  i'm still deciding on whether or not i like bountiful baskets well enough to keep doing it.  our site is run really inefficiently, so i'm thinking i may not continue to order once the weather turns cold so as to avoid standing around in line outside all the livelong day.  but we'll see.

the brothers kicked off their morning with snuggle time on the couch.

then, the girls and i frosted cupcakes (pumpkin! gluten free! amazeballs!) and my mom and grandpa arrived to celebrate laurelai's second birthday.  i'll share more about the whole shebang later.

and laurelai isn't the only one growing up - atticus lost another tooth!

then on sunday, my sister came from des moines to visit.  it was the greatest because she is the greatest. 

monday, we took the day off of school to recover from the weekend.  i slept in, took a 2.5-hour nap, and went to bed early.  i'm getting to that 'constantly exhausted' stage of pregnancy where a walk to the mailbox requires a good, old fashioned 'sit down' afterward.  it wasn't helped by the fact that i started another whole30, which seems to make me really sleepy.  so this week, i've slept really well, i've slept really hard, and i've slept as often as possible.  it's been wonderful.

todd moved to a new department at work, so his schedule was different this week than normal.  because of this, i took all the kids with me to the chiropractor on wednesday morning instead of leaving some home with him.  i had the big kids just do their school work in the waiting room.  it is so great that school is so portable.

on thursday night, todd took the big kids to the salt company, the weekly worship and teaching event of our college ministry.  they had a blast.  atticus liked singing the songs.  penelope liked the sermon, because she got to color.  

aaaaaaaaaand, weekly preggo photo.  that upper arm mass is really getting out of control.

and that was our week!

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todd said...

atticus' face looks so much more grown up all of the sudden now that his tooth is awol.