the weekly 'what's up.'

very little news this week, other than the fact that i am attempting to recover from a nasty bout of the flu, so we're going to keep this short and sweet.

i'm currently 34 weeks along, and we finally decided on a name for the baby this week!  that feels really, really good.  however, it did just occur to me this week that i will be having a baby here soon.  like, having a baby.  i need freezer meals, and a place for his (needing-to-be-laundered) clothing, and to install the car seat, and to start thinking about packing a hospital bag.  i need to mentally prepare for postpartum healing, and balding, and struggling with body image.  i need diapers and lotion and a crib mattress.  we need to find out if my insurance is renewed for another year, and we need to be praying that the baby waits until after october 13 to come so that todd has guaranteed leave from work.  ugh.  i'm beginning to find myself in panic mode.

luckily, van voorst babies tend to overcook in there, so i (hopefully) have a full six weeks, if not a bit longer, to figure all of this out.

anyway, here are a few shots of me looking comfortingly less panic-stricken than i feel.

happy weekend, y'all!

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todd said...

yeah, i haven't fully begun thinking about life with a new little around again yet either.