the state fair: REEEEMIIXXXXXXX.

i mentioned in my post about the state fair that we spent the day with my sister and her boyfriend.  well, it turns out, austin is a photographer, and it turns out he brought his (film!) camera, and it turns out that, on black and white film handled by a pro, even the state fair can look downright classy.  get ready to see the van voorsts look like old timey movie stars.

just chillin', like a movie star.

just ripping all the breading off a corn dog, like a movie star.

just giving the stamp of approval, like a movie star.

ferris wheelin' and dealin', like a movie star.

just chatting with my sister, like a movie star.

just living the best life ever, like movie stars.


the jersk. said...

the van voorst's: they're just like us!

todd said...

you think you know, but you have no idea. van voorst diary.