'what's up' weekly.

our weekend kicked off with our trip down to mount pleasant for old threshers.  we were only down there for a day, and returned that evening.  then overnight, finneas developed some kind of stomach bug, and we woke up to find him - and his bed, and the carpet, and atticus' dresser - covered in dried barf.  A+.  poor kid.  but he was acting fine, and he wasn't running a fever, so we thought it was maybe heat stroke or something from being out in the blistering heat all day.  (it was seriously SO HOT, and finneas runs really hot anyway and easily gets overheated.)  so we all went to church, where he was fine, then came home and ate lunch, after which he was not fine.  the barfs lasted throughout the day.

then, he bonked his eye.  he was not having an easy go of things.

none of the other kids ended up with anything, so i'm still wondering if it wasn't some kind of heat sickness.

in healthy-kid news, atticus decided to chillax for a bit while waiting on the rest of us to finish getting ready for church.  how tall is he getting?!

the girls both had new dresses to wear, and were feeling pretty good about themselves.

finneas turned three-and-a-half.  WHERE DOES THE TIME GO, YOU GUYS, AND HOW DO I GET IT BACK?!  seriously.  i cannot believe he is now on the downhill slide towards FOUR.  ugh.  make it stop!

in news unrelated to anything else, we got a new computer keyboard and the sun is shining once more.  also, i'm still going strong on the whole30, except for one poorly planned car trip on the way home from old threshers where i found myself starving and with access to only drive-throughs.  (drive-thrus?)  so i did what any decent, hardworking human being would do:  got a huge grilled chicken salad with sriracha dressing and also a chocolate frosty.  because, hello.  i was pregnant and tired and hungry and at wendy's.

and lastly, i've turned the 33-week corner in pregnancy.  not that that implies anything monumental, other than the fact that the nesting has not let up and the basement AND the garage both got a major purging, and i sent a HUGE load of stuff to a friend's giant dumpster.  it felt so. stinking. good.  now, onto obsessing about making freezer meals and cleaning out the closets.  (i really need to just keep having tons of babies - my house is so organized because of regular nesting sessions.  then the millions of kids clutter it up, just in time for another baby, and another nesting session, to arrive.  see how that works?  genius.  it's all planned.)

i skipped my checkup this week.  they want you to come in every two weeks at this point, which is a total scam because all they do is ask you if you've fallen down the stairs in the last two weeks and if you have any major concerns, both of which, if truly the case, would have probably have warranted a quick call to the office anyway.  but instead i get to drive all the way to waterloo, sit in the waiting room for ages and ages reading trashy magazines, sit on the horrifically uncomfortable 'furniture' in the exam room for ages and ages, see the midwife for two minutes regarding zero new issues, and go home.  no thanks.  so i rebelled and skipped out.  i'm paige van voorst and i live outside of the law.

and there you have it!


todd said...

how cute are you in that 33 week pic?
you are the cutest preggo evvo

Emily said...

I love seeing Finneas with the quilt I made for him. Looks like he has thoroughly loved it! Makes me wonder if I need to make my quilts a little tougher! But really, I love knowing that he's loving that quilt to tatters. That's what they're for!