it's about time.

well, now that we're just a few short weeks away from meeting this new little bugger, we finally decided on a name for him.  it didn't take quite as long as it did for laurelai, but it was one of the more difficult times we've had coming up with just the right name for a baby.  heads up: it's not as easy finding a name you love for baby #5 as it is for babies numbers one and two, and even three.  we didn't want to just stick him with something for the sake of sticking him with something, but we'd also exhausted our top-tier names throughout the processes for the previous two boys, so we were starting from scratch.  plus, it had to 'go' with the rest of the kids' names without being 'theme-y.'

okay, blah blah blah.  enough talkie talkie.  without further ado, i present...

kevin van voorst.  no middle name.  just kevin.


just kidding.  i really cracked myself up with that one, i have to admit.  his name's not kevin.  it's:

rocco henry warfield van voorst.

if you know us at all, doesn't that just make a ton more sense? 

rocco, because the kids kept insisting we name him Simon Peter (or, in the case of finneas' deepest desires, Simon Peter Jesus), and we liked the idea of naming him after Peter, the Rock, who was strong and a bit brazen and definitely a bit bumbling at times, but he, above all, was repentant.  Jesus himself called him (and his confession) a Rock, even though he got tossed a bit by the waves.  it's God's grace, and peter's repentance, that held him firm.  and the name 'rocco' means 'rest,' so in all, we like to think of it as meaning 'secure rest.'

henry, because it's todd's middle name.  it also means 'head of the household,' and we hope for him that one day he'll be a great man, and invest his greatness first and foremost into leading his family well.

warfield, after B.B. Warfield, a rock-solid reformed theologian.

as per usual, todd has done a much more eloquent job of explaining things, if you'd like to check out his blog on what rocco's name means.

so, there you have it.  and we're not looking to pull any shenanigans and change it in the eleventh hour, like we did with laurelai, so you can rest assured (securely rest....?) his name is now, and ever more shall be, rocco.


Amanda Cushman said...

I have to admit...I fell for it. But when I read the name Kevin I just thought "no way!" that's way too normal for the VV's. Not that normal is a bad thing. But I am liking the actual name! It totally fits.

P.S. I cannot believe it's just a few weeks away!

todd said...

keVan voorst. donesville.

Andrew Van Wyk said...

I was still hoping for Clutch Van Voorst.