the black hills: day nine.

okay, last south dakota post, i promise.  not only because we left for our vacation exactly two months ago to the day and i should have wrapped this up long before now, but also because i only have one day left to blog about.  my computer keyboard is being a huge turd, and i'm tempted to put it off a bit longer, but it's time, don't you think?  so bear with me if i give up on using actual words to describe any of this.

we headed out first thing in the morning, after getting some great pictures with todd's parents.  now these are some great-looking van voorsts, amiright?!

our first stop was the famed Wall Drug, where we got the famed free water.  and did a bunch of other stuff, too.

... like find ourselves totally underwhelmed by an up-close experience with a buffalo carcass.

...and majestically ride a majestic jackelope.

and ingalls-it-up under a too-modern-to-be-authentic banner of freedom.

...and clearly love getting randomly sprayed with water.

wall drug is a legitimately weird place.  

on the next leg of the trip, the kids were getting really (really really) grouchy and sick of driving.  there was way too much whining and fighting going on, so i made everyone put on fake mustaches.  finneas and i thoroughly enjoyed the joke.  the other kids...did not.

finneas, in fact, loved his so much that he didn't want to take it off once we arrived at our next stop, the mitchell corn palace.

side note: what on earth does this say?  if you use a standard latin alphabet, it's a safe bet that your guess is as good as mine.  is that sixth letter a T?  an R?  a C?  i'm thinking it's like a magic eye puzzle, and you're supposed to stare at it for a really long time to figure it out?

anyway, back to photos from the corn palace.

finneas' mustache aged him enough to allow him to drive a tractor and stare confusedly around as he sat in a combine.

and more inexplicable hilarity ensued.

for dinner, we stopped again at the blue earth, minnesota rest stop, which has a playground.  this little one was adorbs.  as per usual.

and to quell the kids' (and my own) impatience on the very last stretch of our trip, i passed out glow bracelets.  i was the hero of the hour and we had a rave in my honor.

and that ends our fabulous vacation to south dakota!  thanks for bearing with my tardiness in posting!


Alana said...

Valtiroty! I googled like the sad sook I am.

the jersk. said...

ahahahahahaha you MADE them put on mustaches. you're so my bestie.