lately, we've really been trying to intentionally make sundays a day that everyone in the family looks forward to - restful, relaxing and fun.

we go to the second service at church, which allows us to sleep in as much as possible and take the time we need in the morning to make it to church on time.  so we have time for baked oatmeal, which is breakfast every sunday.  (and i make a double batch, so it also ends up making my monday, and sometimes even tuesday, mornings go really smoothly as well.)  after church, we swing by aldi to pick up a take-and-bake pizza (and sometimes some wine and chocolate, because hello, sunday funday!) and head home for pizza-for-lunch in our jammies.

after lunch, all the kids are required to split up and take naps.  such a great recharge, even for todd and me.  todd usually goes down to the guest bed with atticus and naps himself, and i play it fast and loose with my quiet time:  i usually either sleep, read, or watch netflix, but i always, and i mean always, spend my time laying motionless on the couch for those 2.5 hours, regardless of activity i chose, unless i'm getting up to eat or pee.  wonderful.

after nap, if it's nice and we're up for it, we take a walk.  i'm quite confident this is atticus' favorite part of the day.

(when you do charlotte mason homeschool, you have to stop at the nearby creek and throw leaves in to watch them float over the rapids.  it would be an educational crime not to.)

after our walk, we make popcorn-for-dinner, and sit around watching a movie together for the rest of the evening.

then suddenly, it's bedtime for the kids, and todd and i have the rest of the evening to hang out.

and i assume you can see now why sunday at the van voorsts' is the VERY best day of the week, hands down.


the jersk. said...

your outfit is perfect.

todd said...

surnday furnday what what!