mes'morial day 2015.

every memorial day for the last few years (at least four, i think!), we've made s'mores with the kids.  it's really the only time during the summer that we do s'mores, since they're so stinking messy and we have way too many young kids to invite that kind of chaos into our lives on a more regular basis.  but once a year, it's worth it.

we started off the evening with a simple cookout meal (hot dogs on the grill and simple sides), and laurelai kept an eye on me while i was manning the grill.  backseat grillmaster.

photos don't usually communicate just how tiny she is, but here you can see, with a sippy cup for perspective, she's still an outright peanut.

then we stripped the kids down and let them roast their marshmallows....although, by this point, the grill was pretty cool, so at best they 'warmed' their marshmallows.  at worst, they held a marshmallow over a cold hole with a stick.

atticus' s'more was the closest resemblance to an actual s'more they got.  penelope and finneas ended up with cold marshmallow-and-chocolate sandwiches.  laurelai treated hers more like antipasto and only ate one ingredient at a time.

then, of course, everyone lined up for parkour.  because we're van voorsts.

and just one of the many, many, many (many, many, many) reasons i'm so glad they have a present, hands-on dad:  daredevil, high-flying stunts.


todd said...

moms don't tend to chuck the children into the sky. probably for lack of upper body strength.

the jersk. said...

oh lord. it's so exciting to watch but now on the other side of the fence, josh would have his butt handed to him if he chucked Ruby lol. I am a worry Wendy about everything. however I find Todd more capable and trustworthy than josh haha.

paige said...

my two cents is that dads have just as much concern for kids' welfare as moms, and they'd never do anything they weren't 100% confident were safe. there are obviously worst-case-scenarios, but the likelihood of something happening is SO SMALL and the payoff is worth it, in my opinion.

kids need dads to be rough and tumble - it encourages kids to trust. plus, i don't want my kids to turn out to be total pansies about stuff like i am - i WANT them to take risks and climb trees and ride roller coasters - all stuff i'm too afraid to enjoy myself. plus, it looks so stinking FUN! i wish i'd gotten thrown in the air more as a kid :)

todd said...

@the jersk and @paige

maybe i can chuck you both in the air so you can get a feel for it?

todd said...

kids don't need dads, they need todds.