the weekly 'what's up.'

last friday, we headed down to my mom's for the weekend.  we left after todd got off work, which meant we arrived late in the evening, and all four of the kids shared a room, which meant they ended up staying up until all hours of the night, giggling and playing.  we finally had to separate them at 11:30 so that they would finally go to sleep.  then the next morning, they all were up for the day around 5:00.  uff da.  which led to this little lady doing the unprecedented:  falling asleep in someone's arms.  seriously, not a single one of our kids has ever done this past the age of six months or so.

sunday night, atticus came down with some kind of stomach bug and puked all over the van literally less than five minutes from home.  we spent the night changing bedding and keeping an ear out for telltale barf sounds, since he was even throwing up in his sleep and we didn't want him to, you know, suffocate on his own vomit.  because that would be horrific.  so we set up a makeshift bed on the floor in our room so he could be closer to both us and the bathroom, and we made it through the night getting up about once or twice per hour until 4 a.m.  on monday, i schlepped all the kids to the chiropractor for an immune system servicing, and none of the other kids has ended up catching it - thank goodness.  when you have a somewhat large family and one kid gets sick, you immediately start to do the math on how long it might take to run its course through everyone, and at two days per person, if we all caught it and there was no overlap, we're looking at nearly two weeks.  so i have been incredibly thankful that no one else seems to be sick.

the big kids finished up swimming lessons on wednesday, and both of them passed their levels.  i was so proud of them this year - they're really getting comfortable in the water and learning quickly.

i went grocery shopping, which was broken into three separate trips, and i took all the kids with me on two of those trips.  it is really becoming difficult to find an efficient, non-stroke-inducing approach to grocery shopping... but i survived, and i ate a bunch of chocolate to reward myself for not losing my crap.

the fence is still handling itself with dignity and grace.

and lastly, we're 22 weeks along in the pregnancy. 


Danielle Tiarks said...

ha! That explains all the car detailing pins on pinterest yesterday! :)

todd said...

Excited to see the swimming lessons pics

the jersk. said...

that pic of Penelope is so perfect. also you seriously are the prettiest preggo (and non preggo) I know. miss you!