halfway to two chainz.

my dentist wears a gold necklace, and i don't feel awesome about that.

maybe i should take it as a sign of his professional success - blingy outward proof that plenty of patients think this guy is reliable for a job well done.  or maybe he's one of those financial gurus who is all about investing in gold, and he keeps his investments on his own person at all times for added security.  he's just being stewardly. 

but really, it just makes me uneasy - why would a guy with a doctorate get a spray tan (oh, right, there's that too) and wear a gold chain if it's not to secretly harvest my teeth for use in bartering with the mob?  that seems like the most founded conclusion to draw at this point in time.

so, here's my question: do i start hunting for a new dentist simply because our current guy is a little more jersey than i prefer my licensed professionals to be?  on the one hand, i realize it's shallow, because he does a good job as far as i can tell (i mean, i'm no dental professional, as is indicated by my utter lack of gold chains, so i have no idea if my teeth are as absolutely clean as they could be, but they feel smooth when i walk out of there, which is all i'm really looking for anyway since my teeth are pretty self-maintaining.)  but on the other hand, the fact that he chooses to wear a gold necklace legitimately gives me the creeps.  

what do you think?

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todd said...

i think mr. t was probs the greatest of all dentists

i pity the tooth