Life is suddenly hard and I'm annoyed.

So, ugh. Things have been on the fritz over here - our mower is in the shop, the electrical system in the van is  mounting a coup and neither of the sliding doors currently work, and the laptop has decided to stop turning on.  I'm currently typing this on an old iPhone, and it's monstrously slow-going.  Life is... a bit rocky.  (The other day I found myself crying and pounding on the rebel van door and screaming, 'I just can't deal with this right now!!' I should have also mentioned that pregnancy hormones are in the red zone lately as well.)  

So I may be scarce around here for a bit, to avoid hulking out and throwing the phone across the room when it autocorrects something dumb for the billionth time.  Once I get a reliable keyboard back (and once the van has been duly punished for subversion - I mean, repaired) I'll be back more regularly. But until then, I'll still try to pop in here and there for as long as my patience will allow on the iPhone. Which seems to last about two paragraphs, so I'll probably head out now.

Pray for my sanity and the phone's well-being. 

Lemon out.


todd said...

Deal breaker ladies

the jersk. said...

how can I help? although now I'm thinking you might not get this message. shrug. I'll call tomorrow.