the weekly what's up (the 'the crap has hit the fan' edition).

oh, wow.  this week.  all i've got the energy for is a quick list, so here it goes.

  • the mower is still in the shop.  it's been eight days and they haven't even looked at it yet.  according to the guy who glanced over it and did the paperwork when i dropped it off last week, we may be looking at a $10 fix, we may be looking at needing to replace the whole mower.
  • the computer is still acting like a d-bag.  sometimes it won't turn on, sometimes it turns itself off, the keyboard is being the dumbest.  my mom is trying to nurse it back to health, but for the love, it's driving me nutso.  anticipate my presence on the blog to be spotty or even non-existent next week as we wait on parts.
  • the van doors are still calling all the shots.  most of the time lately, i've had to have the big kids all file in through the driver door and climb to the back, at which point i lift laurelai over the driver's seat to penelope, who hoists her into her car seat and buckles her in.  penelope then buckles finneas and then buckles herself.  if i had to sum up the process in two words, it would be 'efficient' and 'adorable.'  har har, jokes.
  • i think finneas broke his toe.  it's all swollen and he won't put weight on it or wear shoes.  i have no idea how it happened.
  • finneas fell on his face and knocked his two front teeth loose.  it's too soon to tell if they've died, or if they'll fall out, but they're definitely loose and positioned much differently than they were.
  • finneas was jumping on the couch, fell, bonked his head against the window, and broke it, so i have to call a guy to come out and replace the glass.  luckily, if you haven't noticed the pattern, finneas is basically a bowling ball, so he was not badly injured.
  • i read a trisha yearwood cookbook and i regret every second of it.  

and that was our week.

and, oh yeah, i guess i could include some bullet points that aren't springboards for complaint... a couple things that i got excited about this week:

  • still pregnant!  feeling the kiddo move consistently, not being sick anymore, looking actually pregnant and not just like a heavy drinker.  i'm in a sweet, sweet spot, my friends.

  • i got a checkup from my fave midwife, who goes by Mrs. Doctor.  she says all is well in baby land, although she did suggest that we spend a little time pretending the baby is a girl (he's not), and that his name is alice.

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todd said...

your 23 week picture is adorbs!