the black hills: day three.

on sunday, we laid pretty low around the house.  it was wonderful and relaxing, and the kids had an amazing time.

they all rode the mini gator while their cousin david launched a pretty respectable surprise attack.  laurelai was not amused.

 sisters enjoyed each others' company.

then all the kids got to take a turn on papa tony's four-wheeler.  finneas did his best impression of a backpack.

 then the boys did what the boys do best: finneas whacked at a bunch of rocks with a sword, then atticus took some flying leaps off the highest peak he could find.

super smash brothers.  sons of thunder.

and another set of brothers, todd, todd's beard, and their older brother mike.

this is hardly related in any way, but we ate lunch at this local bakery (salmon BLT with chipotle mayo?! now that's ingenious) and they not only had gluten-free sandwich buns available, but the buns were so good, i freaked out at first that i had inadvertently eaten a regular wheat bun.  because a gluten-free bun tasted like regular bread.  now, that is noteworthy.

in pregnancy news, i turned 24 weeks while we were away, and got a couple of scenic head(andbelly)shots taken.  perfect for my linkedin profile as a professional preggo.  also, excellent proof that my hair really does look crazy most of time because of our godawful humidity in iowa.  take that factor out, and my hair actually does the stuff of legends: lays flat.

and the sweetest moment of the day was when the big kids felt the baby move for the first time (atticus was in awe), and they sang him the ABC's.



todd said...

penelope singing to the new baby was absolutely adorbs!

atticus' face when he felt the baby kick was also priceless.

your hair loves the hills

Our life in pictures said...

I happen to have a salmon blt with garlic mayo recipe.....if you're intrigued I'd be happy to brighten your day with the recipe :) Love the pic of the kids with your belly!!!