what was up this week.

this week was mainly spent playing catch-up after our week away.  i had made sure before we left to have everything as clean as possible - all laundry caught up, the kitchen deep-cleaned, the whole house picked up.  the house was beautiful and sparkling and took it took me days and days and days before we left to get it to that point.  and it took us exactly two minutes to ruin it once we got home.  water bottles, food, dirty laundry, stuffed suitcases, car bags, coolers and 'souvenirs' (including a buffalo skull; i'll defend myself later regarding that decision - you'll see the light soon enough) from our trip exploded all over the second we walked in the door.  and i spent the next three days putting it all away.

i also had to go grocery shopping right away on sunday, as there was exactly zero food to be found in these parts.  i had done a good job before we left of making meals out of things we had on hand, in order to use up meat and produce before we left, and also to put our grocery budget toward food and activities for the road trip.  which worked out so great on the front end, but meant that the cupboards were bare when we got home.  luckily, we do 'sunday funday' every week, when we get a take-and-bake pizza for lunch from aldi (and frozen aldi gluten-free ravioli for me, which is surprisingly yummy), then we all take naps, and for dinner we eat stovetop popcorn while we watch a movie together as a family.  so there was lots of rest and very few dishes on sunday, which helped a lot.

we had also come home to a very leaky faucet, which had been minorly problematic before we left.  but after we turned the water main back on upon our arrival home, it got significantly worse.  we thought it would be a small fix, and we even had the parts on hand, but after shutting off the water to the whole house on tuesday night, we found that the inside of the faucet was entirely corroded and this was a job for professionals.  unfortunately, we did not have shut-off valves for just the sink, and the faucet was entirely disassembled, so we couldn't turn the water main back on until it was fixed.  so we were without running water for 22 hours before the plumber could turn it back on, which proved to be merely annoying in most respects (we had some stored water, so we had plenty to wash hands, brush teeth, and drink) but majorly inconvenient in other regards.  namely, in regards to the toilet.

there were 22 hours'-worth of bathroom deposits that just couldn't be helped in a household with lots of tiny toileters.  and considering the fact that a long, handheld flosser had recently been flushed whole (don't ask), and was presumably caught in the trap, i was seriously concerned things wouldn't flush at the end of it all.  but prayer is powerful, and there wasn't a single hiccup in getting everything to flush.

and at the end of the day, i have a BEAUTIFUL new faucet - i'll perhaps post a picture sometime, if i can remember.  so it really ended up being a net gain, in my opinion.

the rest of the week was spent resting as much as possible, eating as well as possible (after pizza day, obviously), and getting the house back together.  i also ordered next year's school books, took some stuff in for consignment, and had an OB appointment.  and the glass guy is coming tomorrow to fix our broken window pane.  next week, we will jump into potty training laurelai, training finneas in 'blanket time' in order to prepare for the upcoming school year, and getting the kids proficient at using their new independent responsibility schedules.

pray for us next week.

in the meantime, here's the most current pregnancy photo.

happy friday!


The Crislers said...

You had me at "buffalo skull."

todd said...

guy on a buffalo skull!