the black hills: day five.

we took the kids to crazy horse on day five of our vacation to the black hills.  

apparently, once or twice a year they schedule big dynamite blasts to blow out large portions of the to-be-sculpted rock, and they fly in a bunch of special people for it, and we just happened to show up twenty minutes before they detonated everything.  must've been me lucky charms.  however, while loud, it was not nearly as impressive from afar as the hype would have led us to believe.  but we had fun watching, and taking  a ten-second video of a little bit of smoke in the distance.  (i hadn't started filming in time to catch the big 'boom,' so the video is even less impressive than actual event, which is kind of saying something.)

inside the memorial, we looked at all the amazing native american artifacts on display.  my favorite part was seeing all the beautiful, intricate beadwork.  penelope kept asking what different things were used for, the answers to her questions ranging from, 'cooking,' to 'hunting,' to 'that's just a plastic five-gallon bucket; i don't know what it's doing sitting right there, but it's not an artifact.'

outside on the deck/platform area, finneas cuddled under his blankie while the big kids threw coins into the water under the bridge.

this is the part of our visit where a couple of sweet chinese tourists asked if they could take their picture with us, so they could show their relatives back home the enormity of our family.  we were a tourist attraction inside a tourist attraction.  #inception.

the big kids posed in front of a teepee.

we got the opportunity to watch an amazing lakota hoop dance.  the kids loved it, i loved it.  two very enthusiastic thumbs up; fine holiday fun.

after the hoop dance, we headed home for a restful afternoon, then headed out to custer state park after dinner to see the wildlife.  we loved seeing the buffalo - especially laurelai, who was losing her mind about seeing all the 'BABIES!  RIGHT DARE!  BABIES!  BABIEEEEEES!  RIGHT DARE!'  

there were literally hundreds and hundreds of buffalo, who did not seem at all shy.  it was incredible.

and that was our fifth day in the black hills!

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todd said...

i can hear Laurelai even now all in a huff and puff, "BABIES!!! RIGHT DARE!!! BABIES!!!!" love it.