weekly 'what's up.'

here's what was happening in our neck of the woods this week:

i've mentioned before that we recently switched bedrooms with the kids, so now the three big kids are in the large master bedroom upstairs, and we are in the itty bitty main floor bedroom.  i'm using this as an opportunity to FINALLY put some pretty in our room - it's always the last room on my mind when it comes to decorating money because no one but us ever sees it.  (i know that's not how the experts tell you to think about your master bedroom - that it should be the  first recipient of your efforts because it is a haven for your marital relationship - or whatever - but the reality is that, on a limited decorating budget, you try to make the most often-presented part of your house the most presentable, and worry about the rest later.  and the master bedroom is always classified as 'the rest.')

but anyway, it's now on the main floor, right next to our only bathroom, so most guests will probably see it at some point.  i'm taking full advantage of the new arrangement and loving it.  i have big plans, my friends; big plans.

all that to say, i spent last weekend painting.  i had painted the ceiling a few weeks back (oh my word, talk about wanting to die.  three coats on a ceiling without a roller extender.  but it was totally worth it), so last weekend i put two coats of paint on the walls and touched up the trim, which had received some pretty serious abuse when the kids were in there, and were less 'white' than they were 'mottled.'

it was an undertaking.  when i say the room is tiny, i mean it.  our living room rug is 9'x12'.  our entire bedroom is 9'x11'.  noodle on that for a second.  so by the time we pushed the bed and bookshelf to the center of the room, there was verrrrry little space for my nearly-third-trimester body to move around and wield a roller freely.  it was exhausting, but i took one for the team.

here's just a teaser photo of the color - it's this gorgeous navy blue with black undertones.  

i also hung our curtains, and will eventually get a rug and some pretty decor in there, and then i'll flaunt it all over this here blog because it's the first time our bedroom has not been the saddest room in the house.

on to other news:  these three actually got along for a couple of seconds while distracted by the special privilege of being allowed to open the piano.

on sunday, i got all the kids up and busted through the morning trying to get them ready for church, just to find out five minutes before i was shooting to leave that i was actually an hour ahead of schedule.  so the kids were allowed to watch bible movies before church to hopefully preserve their hair and clothes for a full hour.

laurelai had a grand old time humiliating batman by making him ride this ridiculously too-small motorcycle with one wheel.

we spent the whole week working on potty training.  i had made the mistake of assuming that, because she was clearly ready, that it would be less work than normal.  it has not been.  it has been exhausting.  we're making progress, but it's slow going.  i may or may not have cried when my couch got peed on.

the kids spent a lot of time watching movies together while we waited for some easy successes.

the van got a tattoo.  i was...not thrilled.

and, as for the weekly pregnancy update, i'm now 26 weeks along and feeling tired.  i've been super surprised at how exhausted i've been this whole pregnancy.  i fall asleep on the couch most nights, take at least a small nap most days, and still feel like i've been hit by a truck.  i'm guessing this won't get any better as i enter the third trimester, so i'm trying to rest as much as i can in between spurts of major re-organizing, so that once i'm entirely down for the count (as i expect to be at some point), i know at least the inside of the baking cabinet isn't coated entirely in spilled honey like it was.  i don't know why the one helps me feel better about the other, but it does, for some reason.  (this week alone, i organized our bookshelves, the inside of my china cabinet, and the inside of many of my kitchen cabinets.  next week, i'm hoping to tackle the basement storage closet, the closet in our room, and the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.  i also got most of our curriculum in the mail this week, so since we're planning on starting school the first week of august, i'll be going through it next week.  all of this is is assuming i don't sleep through all of next week, that is.)

on the good-news front, though, check out my eyebrows.  they're present and accounted for and speaking to me once again.  still working on them, but at least i don't look hairless anymore.

(also, not to brag or anything, but did anyone notice i blogged every day this week?!  i'm way more proud of this feat than is warranted.)


todd said...

i noticed and i think it's the bee's knees

the jersk. said...

you are the most amazing woman I know.