'what's up' weekly.

this week we mostly hung around at home, since it's the second week of potty training laur, and while she's doing really well (only one accident since monday!), it's better to let things really get locked down before risking going in public or for long car rides.

on a whim, penelope made finneas a batman costume out of paper.  they were both pretty stoked about it.

these two frequently have a difficult time getting along, so it was so nice to see some fun and unity happening between them.

i spent much of the week checking some decorating projects off the list.  todd helped me hang our new buffalo skull in the living room (after it had spent a couple weeks airing out in the garage as it had smelled pretty... dead.  it smells better now).

he also helped me hang these giant V's he found for me a while back.


but the biggest decorating accomplishments happened in our bedroom - i worked on styling the bookshelf, i got some plants and decor, i unpacked and got our new bedspread put on, and i hung part of my 'jewelry collection' (which consists, as i found out while hanging said 'collection,' of exactly eleven necklaces and some earrings.  i'm not really a jewelry girl, apparently.)

i will eventually install a second, lower hanger on which my two pairs of earrings can live.

once i get everything finished in there, i'll show you more, but i still have a ways to go - a full length mirror, a rug, and a nightstand, as well as some wall art, are all on the still-to-get list.

most of all this week, i spent time getting prepared for our school year to start next week.  i went school supply shopping on sunday.  (to be blunt, it sucked my will to live - generally, i hate shopping of any kind, especially when the fruits of my labors don't result in a prettier home or a fuller stomach, plus there were fully rabid kids and completely ambivalent parents in the dead center of nearly every school supply aisle.  side note, as a parent of young kids, i totally get that children act like creatures more often than they act like adults, so i have patience when babies cry and preschoolers run and kids play 'marco polo' at the top of their voices while they're standing right next to each other, but there at least needs to be a modicum of parental effort to reign that stuff in while in public.  please, yall.  don't gab away with your friends while your ten-year-old kids lay on and lick the floor of the walmart.)  i got most of what we needed, although i have some handicrafts supplies to pick up at hobby lobby, and a few odds and ends from staples, so i'll be making that run tomorrow morning - please pray for me.

in preparation for the school year, we also spent time continuing to train finneas for 'blanket time' (up to 45 minutes of quiet time on a designated blanket with a set of toys reserved specifically for this purpose - i pulled out the train set one day, the plastic farm animals another day, some magnetic letters and a truck to scoop them with on another day).  he loves it, and frequently requests to be allowed to continue playing after his timer goes off, but i'm learning to make 'kill it before it dies' a household mantra.  just kill it before it dies.

i also started training laurelai for similar time in a pack and play with some toys (though we've only worked up to about 25 minutes at a time for her), but she's less inclined to jump on that love train than finneas has been.  she spends her time screaming and throwing toys until the pack and play is empty.  oh well.  she'll learn to love it, or at least tolerate it, at some point.  

i'm hoping that keeping the little kids occupied and contained for at least small amounts of time will help things go more smoothly this year than last, without having to resort to constant netflix for them during school time.  fingers crossed!

and lastly, in people-growing news, i'm 27 weeks along.

and in related people-growing news, i grew all these miscreants as well.

see y'all next week!


todd said...

i love our life and am looking fwd to the life we have ahead of us

MamaMae said...

You rock.