*ore *oney, *ore proble*s (except that $ can buy a new laptop, so it'd fix at least one proble*)

we have had the worst string of luck lately.  our internet router died last week, this week there is an issue with the power supply to our laptop, so it frequently won't even turn on, and now the keyboard is on the fritz - i have totally lost use of the button for the letter that follows 'L' in the alphabet.  working around that just to type this paragraph has been challenging (but kind of fun, like sudoku or quilt piecing).  starting now, that letter will be replaced with an asterisk (*). 

and this all is happening at the worst ti*e - i have so *uch to tell you!  like how *y eyebrows are looking as i work on growing the* out (not great), and how we traded bedroo*s with the kids, so now todd and i sleep in bunkbeds (a* i kidding?! stay tuned), and how *y dentist wears a gold chain and how i feel about that (again, not great).  

that whole paragraph looks like a long string of bad words.

anyway, i will see what i can do to re*edy this situation, but for now i will just have to call it quits on typing, because this stupid (*) situation is driving *e batty. 

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todd said...

i found an "m" and control+c'd it and have been control+v'ing when i come across the need for an "m," but you just keep cussin' up a storm with your *.