the weekly 'what's up': laurelai edition, plus some preggo photos.

here's just a few things that have happened the last couple of weeks:

atticus celebrated his half-birthday.

he also drew a picture of the baby in my belly (on the right) and the baby after he's grown into a kid (on the left, cutting a rug).

laurelai was particularly adorable.

gahhhh, look at that wonderful baby belly!  i'm dying.

and lastly, we've started taking pregnancy photos.  i'm currently 21 weeks along.

happy weekend!


the jersk. said...

your kids get exponentially cuter and you get more beautiful with each pregnancy. tim gunn would declare you "home of the year". most beautiful. a+.

todd said...

i can't believe Atticus is closer to 7 than he is to 6.