imagine this post has a rockin' backstreet boys soundtrack.

so, i'm going to sum up this blog post in advance, just for kicks.

1. i'm a party animal with a new compost bin.
2. we mulched some stuff.
3. parenthetical note: i have way too much rhubarb.
4. todd took some glamour shots of my compost bin.
5. atticus in a tree.

now that you know how this all plays out, back to the beginning of the story.

i got some birthday money this year, and decided to spend it on a compost bin, for two reasons: one, because i like to live every day of my life like it's a party, and two, because there was an open pile of garbage sitting in my yard all the time, and for some reason it was incredibly tempting for the kids to dig in it, so i needed to set some physical boundaries.  so i looked around at local places to get an idea of what a plastic bin might run me, and i kid you not, they're 50-100+ bucks.  for a glorified trash can.  um, no thanks.  i party hard, but not that hard.

pinterest is a veritable gold mine of ideas for DIY projects, but imma shoot you straight: van voorsts aren't handy folks.  when it comes to carpentry, we don't possess a) any knowledge, or b) any tools, or c) any gumption for managing a way around points a. and b.  but you know who DOES possess knowledge and equipment and gumption?  my parents.  so i asked nicely if they'd build one for me, they said nicely they would, i emailed nicely my pinterest finds, they (specifically, my stepdad) nicely constructed and hauled it.  and it cost me about $37.  and that, friends, is how you party in the van voorst house.

also, though, we don't own a pickup.  so since they 'just so happened' to be bringing up my compost bin, i asked if they could 'just so happen' to see if my grandpa would let them haul it up in his truck...and then help me haul some mulch from the city yard waste place while the truck was here.  (i'm realizing as i tell this story that it really does take a village to raise a twenty-nine-year-old child.)  they were all on board, so i also got a bunch of mulch and compost out of the deal.

then atticus volunteered to unload it.

i spread a large amount of the mulch under my rhubarb, mostly so i didn't have to look at the creeping charlie that is taking over that bed.  also?  i have NINE RHUBARB PLANTS growing in my yard.  NINE.  also, i don't even like rhubarb.

ahhh, here she is.  isn't she a beaut?!

atticus rested his work-weary body by climbing the cherry tree.

and that was our rockstar weekend in may, and also why we're no longer the eyesore of the adjoining neighborhood backyards.  PARRRRTAAYYYY.


Heather said...

I want some rhubarb plants. Where do they grow best? Check out Pinterest for a rhubarb curd recipe. YUM.

The Crislers said...

If Shayla reads this post she's going to be creeping around your yard at night, rhubarb-hunting. But then she brings you the delicious desserts she makes with it, so I say steal away!

paige said...

heather, if you want to come for a visit, you're welcome to take a rhubarb plant (or five) home with you! (hint, hint, bribe, bribe.) i think rhubarb is pretty low-maintenance and will grow anywhere. half of mine are in the shade, and half of them are in a mostly sunny area, and while the ones that get more sun are bigger and healthier, the shaded ones still hold their own. and btw, i looked up rhubarb curd. i think my mind may be changing about rhubarb as a result. not nine plants worth of change, but i think that's understandable.

kristy- TELL SHAYLA TO READ THIS AND THEN COME TO MY HOUSE AND STEAL SOME - OR ALL - OF IT. also, pass along the hint about rhubarb curd and tell her i'd love to try some sometime ;)

todd said...

i love watching Atticus climb trees. what a great way to spend your days.

Our life in pictures said...

So I've been on vacation and am just catching up and RhubArB you say???? Say what?!?!? I feel a road trip is needed! I'm lucky enough to have a great friend with endless supplies of rhubarb but fun excuse to have to come and pick yours and then have to come back with the dessert :) It's like Cafe'ish!