hence, the fence.

so, we have a fence now.  also, i'm working on growing out my eyebrows, but let's talk about the fence today.

oh, how we've desperately needed one.  not that the kids couldn't play outside without one - atticus and penelope spend most afternoons kicking around back there and are trustworthy to stay put.  two of our three neighbors have fences themselves, and our remaining neighbor has a long border of perennials, so there are clear boundaries.  but sometimes during the winter, when everything's covered in snow and it's hard to see clear markings between the yards, the kids end up walking through the neighbor's flower beds and yard, which is a bummer.  not to mention our biggest (current) reason for needing a fence: finneas.

that kid is my go-all-out kid.  he runs hard, plays hard, loves hard, cries hard, sleeps hard.  he needs a LOT of physical input and opportunity for physical outlet.  but during the day (when he's not taking his four-hour-long afternoon nap - see?  goes all out) he can't be outside without constant supervision.  he's just that much littler than the other two, plus he's a bit more destructive and strong-willed, plus kids in a group of three seem to always split into a pair and a floater, and finn is usually the floater in that setup - the odds are just not in my favor that he'd be able to have any level of freedom without major repercussions.  but he needs the freedom to play outside more often than i'm able to let him now.  hence, the fence.

we had a pro come out and give us an estimate, but the only option we could afford to have installed was galvanized chain link.  which is obviously very effective fencing - low maintainance, cheap, solid.  but it's not the cutest option out there.  so i did some checking around, and cedar picket fencing from menards would cost us around the same amount if we installed it ourselves.  no-brainer.

except we had no idea how to install it ourselves.  so there was that.

my parents graciously agreed to lend us their time and know-how and tools and man-power over the weekend to help us install it.  

a gate got made.

this thing got rented (by me) and manned (by not-me).

some posts got set in concrete.

todd's incredible beard generated the extra power of two large biceps and magically hung some fence panels just by making eye contact with them.

also?  we ended up with a fence!

when finneas came outside to check it out, he went right up to a fence panel, peeked through, and said, 'look mom!  i'm in jail!'  and i was all, 'success.  my job here is done.'

and to think, it only took about 1400 hours and my will to live.  small price to pay, i say.


the jersk. said...

it looks SOOO GOOD. tgs style. this fence is ready for the mall.

todd said...

Noah's bears built the Ark.

Just sayin'

todd said...


todd said...

Or bears really now that I think about it. Few things more grizzly than a beard than a bear or in this case bears plural.

alex amarxon said...

Drill a hole through both pieces in the center, just large enough for the plastic pipe to fit snugly (really tight is best). Next, sandwich the 2x2s on end between the plywoods so that they are all 2 inches from the outer edge. Use wood screws for these joints and add a little glue if you have some. wood fence prices