'what was up this week'ly.

whew, lots of photos this week, which means this blog post has basically already been written for me and i'll need to use fewer words.  so i'll just sit back and let you browse.

tiny Zorro-lai battled the towering Biggest Brother.

she was victorious.  (i love this - he actually pretended to die of his own accord, to make her happy.)

atticus got a haircut, and just like penelope gets when she goes for a haircut at the salon, he got his very own soda.

he looked just like fuller.

this is the sight todd sees most days as he leaves for work.

penelope has a thing for leaves.  like, a thing. 

the kids enjoyed lots of sidewalk time while i finished up the front flower beds that i started overhauling last year.  it feels good to check that project off the list.

we took the kids to target and let the spring chickens spend their birthday money.  penelope bought a bike helmet (thank the good lord i was able to talk her out of the full-coverage unicorn one she was considering, which came complete with 3D ears and horn... isn't this curly head too cute to cover up with an eyesore?  i'm loving the pink one she ended up choosing.)

finneas bought a magna-doodle and this batman belt:

we had a memorial day feast, which i'll talk more about next week.

and the girls played Littlest Beauty Shoppe:

it was a great week!  now, off to clean the basement - it took a major hit when i was frantically pulling stuff out and pricing it for the garage sale last weekend, and also our toilet is leaking every time it's flushed, so there's toilet water errrwherrrr.  so, i guess our weeks aren't entirely picturesque...


todd said...

sun's out, guns out.

look out summer, here the van voorsts come!!!

the jersk. said...

omg fullerrrrrrr