i am loving our full weeks now that the weather is turning itself around.  this week had a bit of a damper put on it when i came down with a horrible cold monday night.  by tuesday i was running a fever and deep-coughing and managing a was really bad.  as of the writing of this post, it still hasn't cleared up completely, but i'm pretty sure i'm on the mend.  thank goodness - it stopped raining, and who wants to be sick on the couch when they can be out in the 72-degree sunshine?!

plus, i had to play caretaker to an injured bird yesterday, which i had much more patience for than i would have had it been raining or i'd been battling the heavy crud.  long story short, there was an injured bird in my yard.  instead of mowing over it or leaving it to die, we took it to a 'bird doctor.'  yeah.   it's its own story, i'll get into it later.

what else...

finneas moved out of his crib and out of the nursery entirely, onto a crib mattress on the floor of the big kids' room.  he's officially a big kid now.  also, none of them has gotten ANY sleep as a result.  preschooler + newfound freedom + unsupervised time behind closed doors = disaster.  hopefully it will get easier soon as it becomes more commonplace and he gets a little less amped by it.

welp, laurelai has initiated potty training.  the last two nights in a row, she has asked to go potty, i have acquiesced, and she has gone pee immediately after sitting down.  well.  i've never had this happen before.  but she must realize that, by being fourth-born, if you want something to happen, you're going to have to be the one to make it happen.

 like i said, the crud.  sometimes i feel like i can't catch a break.  and i also suspect that the couch feels like it can't catch a break, either.

the kids spent a lot of time coloring.  atticus sure is taking off in the reading/spelling department.  he can now write down his own stories and deep thoughts.

penelope drew a thumbs-up, which is hilarious and wonderful.

the kids now each have a foam sword to call their very own.  life is about to contain a lot more shards of stuff that used to be decorative household items.

and, just because outtakes are really funny.

yeah, girl.

and now i'm headed into a weekend filled with a garage sale (i'm selling, not buying), family movie night, mowing the yard, working on the front flower bed, and enjoying these crazy awesome people i've been given.  it really is a great life.


lauren said...

I am in love with this week's post. How did laurelai go from being the infinite tiny infant to a 3 year old? also, please feel better.

todd said...

i also write, "toot" on most stuff.
apple, tree, nearby, yeppers.

i LOVE penelope's thumbs up. like frame it forever and ever amen LORB it with all my <3.