how we've been rolling. and it's not in dough.

long time, no write, huh?  a lot has been going on over here, so i'll sum it up with a list.

1.  after all my seedlings died, i decided to head to the farmer's market to buy tomato and pepper plants grown under someone else's care.  i felt like a failure, but it also ended up being okay in the end, since i bought all heirloom plants and can at least try my hand at perpetuating the species myself next year. though i don't really have the best track record, now that i think about it, so maybe i could have bought some good, old-fashioned genetically modified, spliced-with-fish-dna tomato plants and not really ended up anywhere different.  but i like to dream that one day i will become a full-fledged, actual gardener.  one that saves seeds.  one that gets their winter-sown seeds out in winter.  one that actually harvests - and eats and preserves - the bounty, instead of just being tired of looking at it all by august and pretending it doesn't exist.  maybe someday.  but for now, i planted one of each: san marzano (red), gold medal (orange), yellow pear (yellow, obvs), and pruden's purple (again, obvious: purple).  (also maybe a normal-person red one?  my neighbor gave me some starts of his, but they're unlabeled except that he noted they're organic, and they're all looking pretty disease-y now that they've been transplanted.)

2.  i got a compost bin, so we're no longer the neighbors with the open pile of garbage in our yard.  more to come on that.

3.  laurelai seems to be getting ready to potty train.  she has been requesting to sit on the potty, and while she doesn't ever go, she usually ends up pooping in her diaper like five minutes after she's done.  she's still pretty young for it, and i'm too lazy to start giving it a gung-ho before it'll realistically 'take.'  so sometimes i'm like, 'no, no potty right now,' the way an award-winning mom does when she's got bigger fish to fry, but maybe we'll be undertaking it soon.  it would be totally surreal to bring a newborn home to a house with no other diaper-bounds.  that hasn't happened since atticus was born.  maybe i'll have a few-month-long period, before the baby comes, with ONLY POTTY TRAINED KIDS.  this is a whole new ball game.

4.  i am sixteen weeks pregnant and still sick, y'all.  ugh.  not drop-dead sick anymore, but still it's-pretty-unpleasant sick.  tired of it, and grouchy about it, whatever.

5.  i felt the baby move for the first time a couple nights ago.  we're getting into the sweet spot of pregnancy, the time after you half-suspect the baby isn't real and you've just had the flu for the last ten weeks, but before the baby figures out how to wedge all ten of their tiny toes in the even tinier space between your ribs and then try to mermaid swim.

6.  i got all my seeds planted.  i'm trying sweet corn this year.  hopefully it grows, and hopefully eating it doesn't give me diarrhea, but one can't control all the variables in this life.  sometimes you roll the dice.  i also planted 200 pea seeds.  yeah, i counted, and yeah, i'm probably an idiot for planting so many, but peas are the one vegetable i never seem to get sick of, and they don't really get pests or require extra work, and they freeze well, so i'm all like, 200 pea seeds it is, and haters can drive it or milk it as far as i'm concerned.

7.  i've been desperately trying to get the kids caught back up on school, but it's so nice out, and stuff has been so hectic lately, that i really have succumbed to the reality that we'll just be casually schooling from now through the summer.  one weird silver lining of this is that being a bit lackadaisical about it now will give us something with which to fill a bit of time later, when it's oppressively hot and we're stuck in the air conditioning.  why waste the good weather being inside when we'll be inside later anyway?  also, it'll make the transition to a new grade easier in the fall, since we won't have had three months to get really used to living large and fancy free.  so, i'm seeing the positives here.  

HOMESCHOOLING AIN'T GOT NO RULES, FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(no, seriously, we live in iowa and homeschooling literally ain't got no rules.  sort of.  iowans for educational freedom for the winnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

and on that exclamatory note, VAN VOORSTS OUT.

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also, the new sidebar pictures of the kiddos are fantastic!


milk it or drive it bro.