so, i guess we're doing year-round school. news to me.

i've always wondered how homeschool moms keep up with school while early-pregnant.  turns out, i'm still wondering, since i just kind of...quit life for a while.  i'm not kidding, for six weeks, i was laying on the couch for 95% of all my waking hours, rising only to pee, or barf, or throw a handful of granola bars on the table and watch the kids descend on them like a pack of wild dogs.  we didn't do a single lick of school work for four straight weeks.  i still don't know how other moms do it.

and now, because we're out of the habit, and the weather is beautiful, and todd's work schedule is all over the place, we're doing like two days of school per week.  tops.  yeah!  i'm awesome at this homeschool-mom thing!  my kids most definitely aren't going to end up being thirty-year-old adults that still form their N's backwards!

lucky for me it's just kindergarten and the only things that really matter at this point are lots and lots of playtime (which, uh, believe me, they get), and early reading and early math, both of which they seem to have a decent handle on.  but still.  i have like twenty-one days of math to teach, and thirty days of reading, which doesn't sound like a lot until you start doing the math on how long that takes when you're only schooling two days a week...

so.  i have to decide if i'm just going to let it go and hope next year goes more smoothly (yeah, you know, next year, when we kick off the school year with the birth of a newborn), or if i'm going to just keep at it through the summer and try to get as far ahead as possible, knowing that things will turn upside down again six months from now.  neither option sounds all that enticing, but i'm thinking we're going to power on through the summer, doing a couple days a week.  and also counting things like 'swim lessons' as school.  because they're learning something, amiright?

not even year in and i'm already failing.  i have a feeling that the next twenty years of my homeschooling life are going to be humbling.  woo.  apparently it ain't for sissies.  and i'm kind of a sissy.  so wish me luck.


blessed yet confused said...

Todd, Paiges post isn't the same without your comment

todd said...

@blessed yet confused - ha! i do commment pretty much e'ery day, eh?

i love hearing the kids reading. it is such a sweet sound. the kids are learning and growing in wisdom, stature and favor with men and God.
schooling is going swimmingly (pun intended - jokes!)