all in the family.

as you already know, van voorsts come with glasses.  it's just a given, except in the strange case of laurelai, whose beautiful, color-changing eyes seem to be fully functional at this point.  the rest of us, though, have pitiful vision.  and considering our kids act like, well, kids who act like monkeys, their glasses are always sitting wonkadonk on their faces.  lucky for us, we also come with a built-in solution to the problem.

enter: Grandpa Jim, Optician to the Stars.  what did we do before he moved to iowa?  well, i can tell you: we took a trip every couple of weeks to sit in the contains-tons-of-breakables section of the eye doctor's office while the frazzled optician there tried to file all the kids through before something really expensive was compromised.  then, once we started buying our glasses at walmart, we would stop in there whenever we could, but the folks there wouldn't even look at the kids' faces while adjusting their frames, which is the most ridiculous thing ever.  so needless to say those trips were hardly ever productive.

but my grandpa knows his stuff, after having done it for decades.  i mean, look at his tools: intimidating, yes?  also, some of them are older than he is - those are some well-made, long-haul kind of tools.

the kids' glasses stay put for a long time after he works with them, and that makes this mama very happy.  you know what else makes me happy?  photos like this:

he heats them up with a hair dryer to make them more pliable.

then, of course, i take advantage of the opportunity as well.

but this is my favorite part of the whole exchange:

and finneas has become obsessed with grandpa jim as a result.  at least once a day, he asks, 'grandpa jim fixes my glasses because he loves me?!'  yes, babe.  that's exactly why.

that's some personalized service right there.  so i can guarantee that whoever fixes your glasses is not as good as the guy we've got.


todd said...

that is some first-rate service from a seasoned professional!

Amanda Cushman said...

I really really really love this post.