mes'morial day breakdown.

i told you last week about our memorial day tradition.  this was the first year finneas participated.  (last year he was really sick, even though he was big enough to participate.)  here's how he felt about it:

if you're wondering, the feelings you're seeing conveyed are 'confusion,' 'extreme anger,' and 'hurt feelings.'  why his feelings are hurt, i can't say.  maybe he was mad at us for presenting him with something so sticky as though it was food.  how could we?!!

in time, he came around, though.

atticus, on the other hand?  well, let's just say the s'mores had him at 'hello.'

penelope is usually hit-or-miss with stuff like this.  she doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, so the novelty of the whole thing sustains her for a little bit.  but then inevitably she gets bored and/or upset.  

then she started crying.  then finn started crying (again).  it probably didn't help that we did this at like 8 p.m., half an hour past their bedtime.  (ALL HAIL SUMMER, IN WHICH THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN AT 8 P.M.!)

so we brought finn and penelope inside for baths.  meanwhile, atticus polished off his s'more (the only one of the kids to do so), and finished off the evening by scraping bits of marshmallow and chocolate off the tablecloth.

so... rip roaring success it was not, but it was still pretty fun!

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todd said...

That s’made s’my day