eat like the van voorsts.

lately, i've been trying to think of ways to get more of our daily lives on here.  and i actually thought of something, which i'll get to in a second, because there's a back story.

when i was a freshman in college, i roomed next door to a girl who made the mistake of burning me a copy of a dispatch cd, and had to spend the next couple of weeks listening through the wall to 'the general' blaring as loud as my speakers would carry it.  on repeat.  yeah, i was that girl.  (sorry about that, kate.)  (and hey, though.  at least it wasn't that nelly and tim mcgraw duet that was popular that year, which is what my roommate listened to on repeat while we slept.  blech.  so at least i wasn't that girl.)

so what does any of this have to do with anything?  well, friends.  i now follow my friendly ex-neighbor on pinterest.  and she pins good food.  and i tried one of the recipes she pinned.  and now it's part of our regular rotation.  hence, posting the recipe is 'getting more of our daily lives on here.'

i don't usually post recipes, mostly because i'm not really a cook and recipes are not really my strong suit.  sarcastic commentary on this season's swimwear?  count me in.  in-depth analysis of some kind of food i made?  not so much.  i mean, i already went to the effort of cooking it and cleaning it up afterward; stuff gets an A+ from me if it's edible and the kids don't cry when i serve it.  so, i realize i'm breaking a trend by posting this, but that's me: a trend-breaker.  a trend-bender, if you will.

what this recipe has going for it is that a distracted idiot cook can whip it up with little foresight and even less time.  believe me.  also, it doesn't make a ton of dishes.  what it has against it is that it involves rice, which van voorst children have sworn to forever align themselves against.  oh well.  i serve it anyway, because i kind of don't care to orient my life around their fickle preferences.

anyway, enough talkie talkie.  click the link to check out the recipe for (and yummy-looking photos of) cheater korean beef bowl.  to make this a Truly Van Voorst meal, make it with jasmine rice and steamed broccoli.

on behalf of kate and pinterest, you're so welcome for this recipe.


the jersk. said...

please tell me the roommate who listened to that terrible song was steph. do you remember (of course you do) how picky she was about people touching her stuff and one time to make her mad eric just like sat and rolled around on her bed? haha.
i liked that. outfly was fun.

todd said...

This has quickly become one of my favorites! And the left-overs for lunch the day after at work are something to whichI always look forward. I find myself, however, in the dilemma of navigating, “Do I eat a bunch tonight and only have a bit left-over for tomorrow or can I muster the will power to portion control tonight so that I can have a decent lunch tomorrow?”