laurelai is nine months old...

...but still hasn't been out of me as long as she was in me.  she was twelve days overdue, if you remember, so she's still got a few days to go before she's seen as much of the world out here as she saw of my innards.

the most notable thing lately?  her tongue.  she takes it with her wherever she goes.

girlfriend also has one tooth, and can sit up.  she loves going on walks and playing with the big kids.  she still isn't all that interested in food (she pushes the spoon away if i try to get her to sample whatever i'm eating), unless she finds it on the floor, in which case she's all over it.  todd found an entire pretzel in her mouth the other day.  she also ate two saltines on her own.  i think she just feels patronized by pureed foods.

her legs are still super muscular, and i may or may not be genuinely jealous of a tiny infant girl-baby.

bottle feeding is going well, albeit very messy, and she's growing!  she's also finally sleeping through the night, which is a huge blessing.

stuff is starting to feel normal and predictable, which i'm grateful for after the year we've had.  we love our baby girl, and can't believe she's getting so big!


the jersk. said...

happy monthiversary, girlfriend! she gives me hope about ruby.. 'cause if i can love that tiny li'l face so much, how much more must i love my own child?

todd said...

her sleeping face looks a lot like peneolope.