get your porch paint on the floor tonight, make my day.

i finished painting the kitchen floor.  and it almost killed me.  and i'm still not 100% sold that i love it.  how's that for an opener for this blog post?

ultimately, i would love some penny or hex tile in there.  big ol' squares of tile just aren't really my jam, and i don't really want to carry the hardwoods in there, as i'm wanting to put in butcher block counters and i think that might just be a little too...woodsy.  but while penny tile is not in the budget right now, the c. 1991 linoleum was still kind of getting to me.  especially since we painted the cabinets white and everything in there was just...blah.

this was how the house looked when it was listed.  now imagine that white-and-gray/blue linoleum next to white cabinets and gray/blue counters and white benches and white appliances and white trim... it was a whole lotta 'meh.'

so i figured, why not do something in the meantime that doesn't cost much but changes things up a bit?  so painting it seemed like the best option.

it took FORRRR-EHHH-VERRRRR.  first, i had to sand the floor.  then i had to prep the floor for priming with a TSP substitute.  

then i painted the benches so they'd match the gray squares.  since the floor paint has a 24-hour dry time, i had to wait until the next night to recoat it.

so, the next night, i did a second coat on the benches.

the next night, i taped off and primed the floor and let it dry overnight.

don't mind the crazy nasty paint mess on the walls; i'll be painting (and maybe tiling?) those soon.

the next night, i painted the whole floor white.

the next night, i taped off the squares i wanted to paint (which took a whopping two-and-a-half hours.  it was brutal) and painted the gray squares.

(this is where i really started to panic because the floor looked like a toe-up hot mess.)

the next night, i did a second coat of gray.

the next night, i pulled up the tape and bemoaned all the bleed-under that occurred along the edges.  so then i touched up the edges of the gray.

the next day, i touched up the toe kicks and shoe moulding of all the cabinets, where the paint hadn't stayed in the lines.

(yep, there are definitely crumbs all over my floor already. also, i will be painting that table at some point, but i just haven't figured out exactly how i want it yet.)

and then i stepped back and i looked at it, and i was like, it looks like clown pants.

i'm not one that hates on clowns, but it wasn't really the look i was going for.  i should have made the squares bigger.  it looks like a french country kitchen had a baby with P.T. Barnum.  but maybe it works.  maybe it's like when two weird-looking people have a really good looking baby and you're like, well, that was unexpected, but i'm not complaining about it.

actually, my mood is currently swinging to, HECK YES, IT WORKS.  especially once i get some patterned cushions sewn for the benches, and the walls painted, and my lurbly subway tile back splash and butcher block counters installed...  dream with me here, people.  oh yeah, i think it works.

but ask me tomorrow and i might be singing a different tune.  i'm fickle like that, i guess.


YAYA said...

I'm LOVIN' IT! Looking forward to seeing it up close and personal!

(Frogtape for the edges next time)

the jersk. said...

holy smokes! it looks AWESOME! okay. whenever we buy a house and i renovate the crap outta it, you have to come help. which is like... really an impossible ask but oh well i'm asking it anyway. bestie rights. you're so awesome at all the things you can do!

how'd you line out where to tape -- freehand or template or pencil?

Heather said...

my husband is wondering why i'm laughing-so-hard-i'm-crying at 6:40 am. i told him a french country kitchen had a baby with p.t. barnum... i think he thinks i'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

BUT... i think it looks amazing! i wish i had the patience and persistence for that kind of project. this looks like one of those things i'd start and then, 1/4 of the way though, beg joe to finish for me.

also, you were painting in a fancy clothes again. my kind of girl.

todd said...

I think it looks great. I’m excited to see it all come together! You are like Tim the Toolman Taylor.

Amanda Cushman said...

I LOVE it!! If you painted the table a fun, bright color I think it would take away from this "countryness" that you speak of.

P.S. I'm thoroughly impressed. We have been in our house 2 years and I just painted the bathroom this weekend. I still have 8 more rooms to go and I don't have 4 kiddos running around distracting me. You my dear, are super mom/wife/home decorator!

todd said...


I had the same idea for the table. Something bright and unexpectedly, but pleasantly so colorful.

Amanda Cushman said...

I like the way you think Todd!

Our life in pictures said...

I think its super cute and throw in a yellow, orange, teal, etc bright table and you got yourself a happy kitchen! Love your ideas....and that you do them!