howdy, y'all.  this week has gotten away from me, as it was the third week of swimming lessons.  i didn't know what i was signing on for, people.  it was surprisingly exhausting, as though sitting by the pool for 45 minutes every morning just sucked every ounce of humanity out of my brittle bones.  it is a rough life i lead.

check out the extreme Arms:Legs tan differential.  #momlife

i'd say we did other stuff too, but that would kind of be a lie.  i mean, i guess there was some stuff.  like that one time on monday i fell off a riser at boot camp and sprained my ankle.  i felt dumb about it for like .2, and then i remembered the last time i sprained my ankle, in which i inexplicably slid off a stationary inner tube into three-foot-deep water and had to miss horse camp and take an entire year off of pointe training.  so flash forward to this week's ankle-tastrophe, i stopped feeling dumb pretty quickly and was like, 'all things considered, i bet i looked downright cool when i fell down just now.  the fact that a 5'0 mustachio'd man is allowing me to use him as a human crutch is just the icing on the cake.'

so then i laid low for the rest of monday (other than, you know, swimming lessons), and skipped cycling on tuesday and thursday (big fat boohoo tears over here because i love that class with all eight parts of my combined quadriceps) (not).

laurelai had a doctor's appointment yesterday, which i can tell you about next week if i actually blog like i pretend i'm going to.  she is a growing human, which is good news, and the doctor gave the stamp of approval on my practice of highchair-feeding laurelai small cubes of straight butter.  or, at least, she didn't tell me to stop doing it, which i like to construe as approval.

and today i'm helping a friend with our second-weekend-in-a-row garage sale, because last weekend just wasn't enough time to hawk all our junk on unsuspecting strangers.  because it was a lot of junk.  there were six families involved, and one guy asked if it was a church rummage sale, and another couple asked if we were raising money for some kind of good cause.  noper.  just some people who own too much stuff who happen to need some cash and also happen to all be friends with each other and have the weekend free.  but then again, if that's not a good cause, i don't know what is.  (actually, i could name about a bajilliondy things that are better causes, but it's not a bad cause, which i like to construe to mean it's a good cause.)

oh, two other things worth mentioning: 

1.  over father's day weekend, i painted what will soon be the Boys' Room, and this week i sewed and hung curtains.  they've got a new rug, and will soon have a new light fixture and, after this weekend's trip to ikea, some bookshelves!  (we have lived this last year with nary a bookshelf! HOW?!?  idk, but the madness has to stop.)  i'll probs someday show you pictures.  ANTICLIMACTIC!

2.  cherry tree = winning. 

oh happy day!


todd said...

don't let george washington around our tree please

YAYA said...

Todd, if the tree is loaded, Paige could hoc some of said cherries at her garage sale for a load of George Washingtons.

todd said...


That pun was PITiful.