(bi)weekly what's up.

wow.  a lot has happened.  so here's a list.

1.  todd and i hauled massive amounts of river rock out of our front planting beds, which were small and looked rinkydink.  i like a planting bed with some girth.  some... hoomph.  you know?  plus, rock beds aren't really my thing. so after we hauled the rock out, i got to rototilling and pouring in topsoil and laying down weed fabric and mulching... it's kind of been an undertaking, to say the least.  it's still not done.  i ordered some annabelle hydrangeas and am waiting to plant them once the rain lets up.

don't you worry your pretty little head about those peonies; i moved them to the side of the house.

2. the kids started swimming lessons.  the weather has been FREEZING in the mornings.  one morning, atticus was all blue and stiff-motioned, and he came out of the pool after lessons all chatter-toothed and on the verge of tears.  and the first thing out of his mouth was, 'I LOVE THE POOL!'  haha, apparently he's cut out to be a polar bear.

3.  girlfriend has been joining us at family dinner time.  her favorite foods so far are: everything ever.  chicken, chuck roast, asparagus, raspberries, salmon.  all are A-OK with laurelai.

4.  we went back to ames for a wedding.  we drove around for no less than half an hour, looking for the park where it was located, and i felt totally dumb.  it was like we never lived there or something.  we ended up missing the ceremony but at least making it to the reception.  afterward, we headed down to des moines to eat at red robin and visit my Love of Loves, trader joe's.  it was glorious: we got imported aged gouda.  good wine.  some garlic-stuffed olives.  grassfed irish butter.  GAHHHHHHHHHH.  it's things like this that make me miss central iowa and all that i took for granted while i lived there.

5.  after heading through des moines, we drove down to visit my mom, who had taken the kids for us earlier in the weekend to free us up to wedding crash.  we spent a few days out there, soaking in the sun and eating barbecue.  i'll have some photos for you next week.

6.  we visited my dad, who has been sick and whom we hadn't seen in a while.  it was a good visit.

7.  on tuesday, i found myself shakily rousing laurelai from conk-out sleep to take her and the rest of the kids down to the basement during the tornadoes.  if there is one thing that TERRIFIES me, it's a tornado.  i really, really, really hate storms.  obviously, we're all okay, and i didn't die of hyperventilation or a heart attack either, so all's well that ends well, i guess, but jeez...

8.  girlfriend is apparently up and about.  she started standing last night, which we noticed when penelope started yelling, LOOK! LAURELAI'S STANDING!  laurelai looks pretty startled by the news herself:

annnnnnnddd, SEEEESTERS!


Danielle said...


But honestly, not a big deal, and I was so glad to see you there! I wish we could have chatted more (we had NO IDEA greeting people would take the whole reception time!) and I could have showed you my drivers license. Biggest regret ever. ~sigh~

Danielle said...

Forgive me for throwing the whole "you missed the deer" thing in your face... You're the first person that I've been able to say that to and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Literally my receiving line was every other person saying "did you see the deer?!?!" which I hadn't. I was too busy gazing lovingly(longingly) into my now HUSBAND'S eyes. I mean, a deer is sweet and all, but come on. I'm pretty sure THEY were getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the view.

todd said...

get ready, this is going to sting a little:

some some deer, you saw dear.

i underestimated the sting. sorry. not little. lots!


todd said...

i need to edit before i publish.

some SAW deer.
you saw DEAR.

still horrible.


but at least now it's true to what i previously wanted to communicate.

Danielle said...

I actually kept typing "dear" instead of "deer". I should have thought of that one myself. I had it coming. :)