weekly whut update.

on saturday, we visited the farmers market for the first time this season.  it was kind of a bust in a way, considering hardly anything but lettuce is in season right now, and we already have some growing in our garden.  (i'll get to that in a bit!)  but i did buy some sweet potato slips and a basil plant, and the kids got some cookies.

we walked there from home (about fifteen blocks one way), so we rested a bit before starting back.  while taking a break, atticus climbed a tree...and subsequently jumped out of it.

i've been super busy on the house lately.  i don't know if it's the sunshine, or the fact that we're coming up on a whole year of living here (!), but i've been antsy to get some projects checked off the list.  in addition to painting the kitchen floor, i also overhauled our closet (and quadrupled the hanging space, thank goodness!), which meant (and still means, since i'm not totally done) that our room was DISASTER-FIED.  

todd also helped me start hauling rocks out of our front beds, so that i can widen the beds, move the peonies to a different spot, and plant some hydrangeas.  ooh, lawdy, do i love me a good hydrangea.  however, this project might just be my end.  did you guys know rocks are heavy?  like, really heavy?

but, speaking of peonies, our vintage-to-the-house, planted-in-the-thirties peonies are currently in bloom and GRACIOUS.  if there's one thing i love that's not a hydrangea, it's a peony.  (penelope thinks they're called 'panties.')

these peonies line our garden, which is currently taking my breath away.  it's  and growing.  and...vegetating.  like a garden ought to do, and which one might take for granted had one not experienced the Death Valley Garden of Story City, Iowa in which nothing, including weeds, would grow.

(would you guys mind if i told you more about what's up in the garden, perhaps next week?  because i'm just so proud of this thing.  it's like my fifth child, only it needs fewer baths and if it dies because of neglect, i won't go to jail, so there's less riding on it.)

and i've got this little herb garden going to town next to the garage.  yes, that is lavender back there in the red pot, and yes, i do go out multiple times a day just to smell it.  heavenly.

and this girl is growing like a weed (or, like a Wando Snap Pea, if you're referring to the van voorst garden and its most prolific grower).  she's large.  she's in charge.  she's chewing on an apple through a mesh bag while sitting at the table like a full-fledged adult, if adults chewed on stuff through mesh bags and had to be strapped to their chairs to remain upright.

man, i love my life.


todd said...

Yes, next week please go to town on telling us about your garden (which is ironic, no?)

I would like to start calling Laurelai “Snap Pea.” Makes sense. Although I do like "Ickle" which makes even more sense for multiple reasons.

todd said...

i love our life too!!!!!

Heather said...

i'm really, really envious of your peonies. my grandma had peonies by her farmhouse, and she would make dolls from them - a full blossom was the skirt, and an unopened one was the head, and somehow she put them together. i just googled the internet to see if there were vintage how-to instructions but came up empty-handed. boo.

Danielle said...

Heather - my grandpa did the same thing! The "dress" would have maybe a quarter inch of stem still on it, and my grandpa would poke that stem through the base of the "head" at an angle so the flower part would be sticking up in the air, kinda like a fancy updo that goes super high. I think he did this with different flowers and not peonies, but the concept would be the same, I would think.