mary mary, quite contrary, how does your garden YOLO?

our garden is small but mighty.  i am blown away by how well it's doing.  it's like all the little seedlings got together at halftime and the pumpkins (who are obviously in charge) were like, 'hey guys, we have one shot at this.  don't blow it.  we're counting on you!'  and then the green beans slapped the tomatoes on the hiney and they jogged out into the field of play to blow the mind of the spectators. 

you know what else, though?  i think i have a problem.  i have stuff planted in like every.single.square.inch of this place.  like, not in a 'square foot gardening' kind of way, but in like a 'hoarders' kind of way.  i grew tomatoes from seed, and had planned to keep four plants: one of each kind (bonnie best, cherry, beefsteak, amish paste).  but then i ended up with three beefsteak plants, and two bonnie bests, and two cherries, and i was all like, 'but all of these are my plant babies and i can't just abandon the extras!  THEY NEED ME!!'  so i stuck them in some places where i had like zinnias and other random stuff.  also, i planted a hill of zucchini...and then another hill of zucchini.  and also, then another hill of zucchini.  i think i'm setting myself up for my own downfall: death by high blood-zucchini levels.  i think eating too much throws your lipids off or something and then you die.

BUT, i kind of don't care, and i will do whatever it takes to preserve every single one of those superfluous zucchini plants.  i was out there today singing lullabies over my babies checking on things like a normal person, and not only did i see TWO SQUASH BUGS, who are my nemeses of nemeses, but they were  you know.  it.  RIGHT ON MY ZUCCHINI PLANTS.

so not only were they populating the army that will bring on the plant apocalypse, but they were doing the dirty on what is going to be food.  FOOD, you guys.  yuck.  so, i did what i swore i wouldn't do: i busted out the non-organic pesticide dust.  so sue me.  you win some, you lose some, but i for one am not going to lose this garden!  AS GOD IS MY WITNESS, I WILL NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN from a defunct hobby garden, which isn't true hunger, i realize!

anyway, without further ado, here are a couple of recent-ish photos of my tweaked-out garden:

gaining your bearings from the photo above, in the far left row behind that walking path/actually it's a podunk board: there is lettuce in the far left corner, followed by broccoli, carrots, spinach, peas, eggplant, cilantro, yellow onions, dill, zucchini (that's the massive thing along the left fence, toward the top), zinnias/cosmos/etc, and a tomato plant (yikes, i can't remember which kind.)

then, in the bed that has those pots buried in the ground, in between the stakes (i'm trying 'florida weave' staking this year) i have four tomato plants.  i also have some more zucchini, some basil, and more lettuce.

along the back fence, i have bush beans, red onions, chives, ground cherries, and two pumpkins, which i'm going to let vine over the fence and into the yard, since my garden's so small.

what you're seeing in the above photo:  the ground cherries are at the back, and there's a pot of basil you can see basically buried under some more bush beans.  then, along the little trellis, i have cucumbers, and sweet potatoes planted in front of those.  there's another random tomato plant at the center of the bottom of the photo- i think it's a cherry tomato??

then along the far right fence, you can see some more peas, and those tall things on the far right of the photo are sunflowers.  i have marigolds planted all along the perimeter, and zinnias all along one side, but none of them have bloomed yet.  i think next year i'm going to start them early instead of planting the seeds directly in the ground in spring.

in the far right bed, on the other side of the cucumbers, which is hard to see, i have more bush beans, more yellow onions, more sweet potatoes, a cherry tomato, jalapenos, and bell peppers.

i am in awe.  i mean, i had heard of gardens where unnamed people grow mysterious things, but i have never personally experienced it.  successful gardens were the stuff of legends.  our garden in story city was basically sterile.  even weeds were like, 'nah, i'm good.'  

but here!  here, i'm pretty sure our garden dirt is made of composted fairy bones and leaf mould from leaves right off the tree of life.  i have high, high hopes for this year's harvest.

i worry that i'm setting myself up for dashed hopes.


the jersk. said...

it looks so good!!

todd said...

it’s the garden of eatin’