what's up weekly!

so, this didn't happen this past week, but it happened shortly before the week started, and i forgot to add it to my last update.  so here you go, i call it a bonus bit of news!

i had these heirloom roses that i tried to bring from story city, but they didn't survive the winter.  they'd been all dead and vine-y and sitting next to the garage for a while, so i figured i'd dump them into the compost pile.  at which point they attacked me.  i looked like i got had by cat kirk.  i mean, Rose Kirk.

this week i was super insanely ridiculously productive.  first, i cut some carpet for the basement, cleared out a play space down there for the kids, and spray painted this old coffee table to stand in as an art table.  why i insist on spray painting stuff while wearing one of the few pieces of normal, everyday (read: not too small, or too 'todd's-old-tshirts') clothing that i own, i can't tell you.  but it's who i am.  it's how i do.

i also started pry-bar-ing my closet apart, to make room for a closet system, and i started painting the kitchen floors.  i am Paige Van Voorst When The Weather Is Nice and I Actually Care About Life and Other Stuff, hear me roar.  (seriously though, i was so wired and productive on monday, that i went to bed wondering if i am on drugs and just don't know it somehow.)

this bird is nesting on top of our motion-sensor light.  

i have mixed feelings about this.  i mean, on the one hand, it's cute, right?  it's a dove.  who doesn't love a dove?  i mean, it even rhymes with 'love,' and i think that's your cue that you have to love it.  (although, so does 'glove,' which i feel neutral about, and 'shove,' which i don't love at all.  so i think that may be some faulty reasoning i just performed up there.)  plus, it's a nesting mama dove, which means there will be little lovely dovelies in there soon.

HOWEVER.  this dove is a thief, or at least a co-conspirator.  the nest was built by a couple of robins, who even had a little egg and everything.  then one day, i noticed this sparrow kept hanging around on top of the garage roof, yelling at them, etc. etc.  one day, mrs. robin's egg was suddenly found splatted on my driveway.  whether the robins couldn't handle the noisy neighbor and cut-and-run, or whether the sparrow knocked it out of the nest while the robins were gone, i'm unsure.  but either way, it was that durned sparrow's fault!

so then (this whole thing deserves its own blog post, i guess; it's like a bird soap opera), the sparrow just kept hanging out on top of the garage, calling out to other birds, presumably to find a renter for his squatted digs.  and lo and behold, Said Dove answered the call.

so what am i supposed to think of all this?  she's clearly not a bird on the up-and-up.  unless maybe she was lied to and told the nest was was like a spec nest or something, and she's totally innocent in all of this.  i wouldn't put it past that sparrow to pull something like that, either.  okay, it's settled: i'm giving this dove the benefit of the doubt.  and also, i think i need to get a t.v. because i get weird when given too much free rein when it comes to entertaining myself.

anyway, back to human news.

we did s'mores on memorial day.  more photos to come, but here's a teaser as to how it went:

GIRLFRIEND GOT HER FIRST TOOTH THIS WEEK, AND IS NOW SITTING UP!  all the better for stroller rides, now that she can see what's up all around her.

speaking of stroller rides, we've been going on lots of walks around here lately.  i'll have to tell you more about that next week, but there are tons of really nice trails around here, so we've been checking them out.

and lastly, i started an indoor cycling class, which makes me have so much respect for people who ride bikes.  like, normal ones that go places.  because it is HARD, people, and i'm not even having to balance myself or navigate anything.  so if you ride a bike at all, here are two kudos for you on this lovely friday morning.


the jersk. said...

ahhhhhhhh i love laurelai so much omg. i want to smoosh her with love and kisses.
i hear you on that productivity thing.. i had a day like that the other day and it. was. awesome. but then i have remembered i am pregnant and tired and so my work is slowly starting to regress but whatevs. babymakin' is moving forward so i'm content.
also, in tennessee they call mourning doves "pigeons". i kid you not. one of our trips, josh took the pellet gun out back to shoot pigeons. i thought "okay, pigeons are kind of gross," and i hollered at him to not kill any squirrels or doves or anything and he said he wouldn't. i walked out on the back porch just as he picked off a dove.
i smacked him (i think), immediately started SOBBING and i just cradled the poor, still warm, so so so soft dove until josh got done digging a small grave. i was SO pissed at him and he couldn't figure out why until i pointed out THAT IT WAS NOT A PIGEON. and that mourning doves mate for life, and now one mate is probably like ...well MOURNING and he's a horrible homewrecker murderer man and i married him.

how's that for needing to get a tv...haha.

the jersk. said...

josh just got home and i showed him laurelai's picture. he had a mouthful of waffles and he let out the cutest giggle. i love that he lets me read these posts outloud and how much he enjoys them and how much he can't get over how cute your kids are. i can't wait for him and ruby to be besties.

todd said...

I would pick our life together every single time.

Emily said...

I felt super productive on Monday too! Something in the Iowa air? Sunshine?
I don't know the difference between doves and pigeons. I always thought - same bird, different color.