oh, y'all.  it's nice outside.  which means evenings outside.  which means gardening.  which means getting the hose out.  which means water fights.

you know, water fights.  they start off awesome.

and then the five-year-old takes charge.  and it becomes a reign of terror.

(let's zoom in on that last picture, shall we?)

the oppressed voice their opposition.

and a cease-fire is called.

is there any other way a water fight ever goes down?  i'm pretty sure this is the basic schema for pretty much every water fight ever.  all-of-us-minus-finn are really looking forward to more warm weather.


todd said...

That close-up of Finn’s face while being dowsed by Atticus levels me. So funny!

Danielle said...

Those glasses offer some serious protection! There is no way a non-eyewear-wearer would ever be able to look a hose in the proverbial face and stare wide-eyed.

Our life in pictures said...

Best post ever! Love the close up, love the