sometimes on cleaning days, i motivate (eh, let's face it, bribe) the kids with the opportunity to watch a movie and eat popcorn for lunch once their chores are done.  i don't know why i do it, really, as my floor ends up covered in popcorn mess and much of the previous progress gets thwarted.  but the kids have fun, so there's that, and that really does matter more than a clean house.  (it really does matter more than a clean house.  i'm a recovering Type-A and it really does matter more than a clean house.)  


i'm now realizing that allowing milk glasses to be set four inches away from the laptop is maybe less strategic than i would hope for.

ohp, finneas is losing his attention span for this.

this photo is probably the main reason i felt like posting these.  does he feel suspicious?  saucy?  like dancing?  who can even tell?!?!

so there's 'popcorn lunch' (lunchcorn? punch?) at the van voorst house.  it kind of reminds me of Cookies For Dinner Night.  i suspect i'm only a mediocre mother.