(bi)weekly 'what's up.'

i didn't post last friday since i'm a lazy bum, so we'll do a two-fer today, okay? okay.

atticus finally got a new fish to replace sad, deceased Gunnar the Fish (god rest his soul).  he named the fish Soldier.  and then he changed his mind and renamed him Sword.  Sword the Fish.  which i think is insanely clever, whether atticus realizes it is or not.  Sword just likes to lurk in the shady, corner-y spots, and hates being watched while he eats.  which sounds about right if your name is Sword.

shortly thereafter, atticus got to meet and shake hands with, not one, but three servicemen in uniform!  they were standing in line, buying huge cases of beer at walmart, which kind of made the exchange a little more awkward, but you know what?  if anyone has earned the A-OK to simultaneously wrangle a 24-pack of busch light and shake a preschooler's hand, it's a serviceman.  they were super great about it, and atticus was totally starstruck.  but he did wonder where their swords were, considering they're soldiers and all.

the kids finally got to plant some flowers.  penelope had been asking about it nearly daily since around february.  now she tells everyone she comes in contact with about the pretty flowers in our garden, and what color they are, and how to take care of them.  i have a feeling she's going to be my gardening buddy as the years go by.  (atticus also planted flowers, which he loved doing for the singular reason that he got to dig huge holes in some dirt and not get in trouble for it.  also, todd sweetened the deal by finding some cone-shaped flowers that he said looked like swords.)

in case you hadn't noticed the theme yet, Atticus + Swords = 2gether 4ever. (imagine it carved into a tree with a heart cut out around it. and maybe a sword through the heart, for good measure.)

we had a connection group social.

todd did laurelai's hair.  she was not convinced she loved it.

in todd-specific news, there are three noteworthy items.  ONE: he got glasses!

pretty soon we'll inevitably have one more tiny pair of glasses, and we will take another photo like this and i will have it printed on a canvas and hung in our house, because seriously, is there anything more Van Voorst?

TWO: we think he broke a rib while, in his words, 'playing football with the stupid elders.'  because his ribs hurt so bad, he's having a difficult time sleeping in comfortable positions, which means he wakes up all in pain and literally stiff-necked. (bible jokes!!)  so now he can't lift anything, or rotate his head without turning his whole body, or laughing without whispering 'ha ha oowwwwww ha-owww! stopit-owowow! unnnnnngh!'  i like to be a glass-half-full kind of person, though, and i find these side effects interminably hilarious.  he's lucky he got such a silver-lining kind of wife.

THREE: someone broke the egg.  (in van voorst lexicon, 'the egg' means todd's car, and 'broke' means 'backed into with a pickup while it was parked on the street.')  it turns out i knew the perpetrator from high school.  small world.  #justbecausewearefriendsdoesnotmeanwewillnotcontactyourinsurancekenny #jk #youareactuallyreallyrespectableforhowyouhandledthatkenny #mpchsforthewin

and three photos!!

one, in which all big kids are in focus and not crying:

two, in which all big kids are actually smiling:

three, in which my heart melts into a slimy puddle on the floor:



the jersk. said...

totally originally read that atticus met three servicemice and i was really excited about that. but soldiers are totes cool, too. i love your family so much ahahah.

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Danielle said...

Todd, i feel like that should say #2together4forever

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