what's to the up to the WEEKLY?!

ugh, the week started off with sick kids.  fever, fatigue, hacking cough, labored breathing.  the boys got it the worst, penelope got the cough without the fever.  luckily, they all slept well through the nights, which is always the barometer for how rough a sickness is for us (read: me).

then, we grilled out for the first time this year.  we have a charcoal grill, because we're cheap, and basically, we don't know how to use it.  so we both end up totally downtrodden every time we act like we're going to cook on it.  but long story short, todd actually made some brats.  and then later, i created a charcoal chimney out of a coffee can and (hopefully) our days of grill-mourning are over.  (look at me go, mom!  thanks for taking me camping!  though, i did get that little tidbit off of pinterest.  but all those years of camping paid off, since i now know how hang our food in a garbage sack from a tree branch, and shower out of a gallon jug and plug the hole with a golf tee, and make a dump cake.)

here is a photo of our grilled meat for your viewing pleasure:

atticus learned that our cherry tree is capable of being climbed, and can now be found up there most of the time.

we took our friend ally out to dinner for her birthday.  we originally intended to go to this place called Viet Noodle (vietnamese healthy food restaurant!), but it was locked when we got there (still not sure why), so we headed to a different asian place instead.  and oh my good gracious, do i have three words for you: vietnamese milk coffee.  just.  i can't even.  just, vietnamese milk coffee.  over ice.  you'll thank me for this someday.

todd said this photo makes it look like he died, but that i honor his memory by ordering a mountain dew whenever i go out to eat, and setting it in front of an empty chair. 

how thrilled are the kids in this picture?!

yesterday ally helped me corral all the kids on a mega grocery shopping outing (i only go once every three weeks now, so i really do mean mega).  no one died or got kidnapped!  although, penelope left her sample of canteloupe-on-a-toothpick somewhere in the soda aisle at fareway, so if you find it, just stick it in the mail to us.  pleaseandthanksss.


Amanda Cushman said...

Penelope and Atticus' face in the second to last picture is priceless!

todd said...

"And, of course, I always keep an empty chair to represent all our unfulfilled hopes and dreams." ~ Gavin Volure