weekly 'what's up!'

this week was actually pretty eventful!  

on sunday, i started a weight lifting class!  which, if you know me at all, is hilarious.  resultingly, i couldn't even lift my phone up to my ear without extreme soreness until yesterday morning.  and then my second class session took place last night.  i have a feeling this is going to be an adjustment.  but totally worth it in the end if i end up looking anything like superman, who i aspire to look like, and whose full-body image may or may not be hanging on my fridge as a motivational tool.  (it's not.)  my superhero name will be rippedgurrrrrl, so prepare yourself to call me that in the coming weeks, after i inevitably fly to your rescue to save you from that savage dog.  (one of rippedgurrrrrl's superpowers is fortune telling, and another is canine mind reading.  they come in really handy in the event of future dog attacks!  lucky you!)  you'll be all, 'thanks, rippedgurrrrrl!'  and i'll be all, 'you're welcome!  but in all humility, i really couldn't have done it without the help of these incredible biceps.  so, thanks, biceps!'  then i will kiss each one affectionately and gratefully, which you'll be free to do as well, if you so choose.  up to you.

maybe i should call myself 'the hammer' instead.  idk, i'll let you know.

on tuesday, todd was so sick.  and he never gets sick.  he was all shaky and achy and hot-and-then-cold and sore-throated.  it was so sad.  he basically slept all day, woke up for a while, slept all night, woke up feeling the same, and then perked up a bit wednesday afternoon.  he's feeling better now, but wow.

tuesday was also a big day for the girls:  penelope turned four, and laurelai turned eight months.  this week, laur has also figured out how to crawl!  she's on the move, people.  once, she was crawling around under the table, and i caught sight of her out of the corner of my eye, and my first thought was, 'when did we get a yorkie?!'  considering she's about the size of a yorkie (no, seriously though), it was an understandable mistake.  now begins the vigilant watchkeeping for random pieces of plastic, trash, pretzels, broken crayons, etc., that are always littering the floor.  i swear that stuff must spawn asexually or have the gemino curse on it or something.

our big four-year-old!  while she'll have her party in a couple of weeks, we thought she'd enjoy a small gift on the actual day-of.  socks.  our girl LOVES socks.

laurelai turned eight months, and believe it or not, this was the absolute happiest she got about it.  or about taking the photos, at least.  she weighs around 12 pounds and is STILL in 0-3 month clothing.

this picture was taken shortly before i walked out of the room, returned when i heard screaming, and found her absolutely flattened and lodged entirely under that chair.

and some more photos, that don't necessarily have anything to do with the above mentioned items of note:

no, as a matter of fact, the kids don't really like getting out of the bathtub.  why do you ask?

i could just smooch this photo all the live long day.  just look at those swoony toddler hands!

he's hugging his lightning mcqueen ride-on, if you can't tell.  he kept saying, 'HUG! KISS! HUG! KISS!'  i think he likes it.

maybe all the torment todd's body receives is what made his immune system go all, 'out on holiday!  be back later!'

lastly, pray for our family.  i'm cutting refined sugar from my diet, and when mama's not choco'd up, ain't nobody happy.  (yep.  i'm just going to end this blog post by calling myself 'mama' and speaking of myself in the third person.  you're so very welcome.)

braang on the weekend!

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todd said...

And we’re approaching the 1 year anniversary of everyone being up here for Candeo!!!