GARAGE SALE SEASON IS UPON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, y'all.  cue the choir, put on your makeup, and dance around in your fanciest shoes.  it's garage sale season!  and you know what that means: A WEED WHACKER FOR TEN BUCKS!  amongst other things.

i have only been out one morning so far, but we made the rounds at a neighborhood sale, so you know we came home with a haul.  tons of kids' books: i love buying our kids' books at garage sales, because then i don't feel so bad when they get ripped to smithereens, as children's books inevitably do.  (or, at least they do at our house - how on earth did so many of my mom's generation come away with so many unscathed books from their childhood?  i have yet to find out the secret, other than the 'you're not allowed to read' rule, which actually is occasionally instituted in our house when our books become threadbare and scarce.  until the next garage sale season, when we replenish.  i'm not a bad mom.)  i shop from booklists on sites like ambleside online, or look for recognizable authors like jan brett or eric carle, so that we're not spending oodles of quarters on stinker books.  (there are some serious turds out there, parading themselves around as though they're genuine 'children's literature,' when all they really are is boring, insipid, glossy-bound cousins of children's literature.  rants!)  (TONS OF PARENTHESES!!)

anyway.  children's books.  a weed whacker.  some hostas and a hummingbird feeder.  shoes for penelope.  a $1 bag of seashells that is this season's hottest toy.  (you can count them!  you can pile them!  you can push them with a toy pay loader!)  this is why i love garage sales: you never know what you're going to get, but whatever it is, it usually is awesome and also cheap.  granted, you have to dig through all the junk and the broken stuff and the way overpriced stuff and the boats, etc. that people are trying to pawn off on some sucker.  but there really is a veritable goldmine out there.  plus, it's a good chance to get some sunshine and take advantage of the ample opportunities to teach your kids about not touching everything in sight and also not whining or peeing their pants.  what i'm saying is garage sales allow you to be thrifty AND a good parent.  and what's not to love about that?

and every once in a while, there's a black diamond kind of sale: i already found it this year, and totally reveled in it.  girl was selling all kinds of shoes and jewelry and clothes - in brand new, still-in-style condition, and for insanely cheap prices.  want one of over fifty pairs of shoes she's selling?  that will be a dollar.  want some earrings that are still on the little card they were purchased on?  that will be a dollar.  want some nice church clothes?  that will be a dollar.  oh yes, i had a heyday there and dropped like fifteen bucks, but seriously: tons of jewelry, two pairs of wedge heels, and a top for church?  totallyworthitthankyouverymuch.

anyway, that's my only point:  garage sale season is up and running and i am in my element.  the only issue is figuring out an efficient way to tote the kids around to all those sales... any tips?

sadly, i'm a 'haggler.'  and sadly, i'm not sad about it.


todd said...

i do get the feeling that someone was taking out their garbage and stopped short and put a price tag on it.

gar-bage (yeah I said it the way moms sling it)

YAYA said...

If you come across a couple of nice looking bar stools at a reasonable price, pick them up for us, would'ja? Grandpa needs them for his apartment.

@Todd... This time of year the "b" is silent.

paige said...

chair-style stools, or just flat seaty ones? either way, i'm. on. it.

todd said...

Garbage with a silent “b,” I like it!

YAYA said...
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YAYA said...


"Ones that look nice, and not too expensive." ~ The knights of Ni


todd said...

comment-a-palooza over here.