mes'morial day.

some back story:

i've always been a bit type-A, and i've always hated things getting dirty or sticky.  i've grown a lot in these areas since becoming a parent, but they're still wired in there somewhere.  on top of that, i have a big family.  if you let one kid get sticky, the clean-up is intense.  if you let all the kids get sticky, you feel like the only solution is mail-ordering some new kids, because the old ones are beyond help.  believe me before you judge me: scrubbing down four children who are still too little to bathe themselves, but not too little to somehow get things like peanut butter in their ears, is harder than it sounds.  just believe me.

so anyway, i don't usually volunteer to let them get dirty or sticky.  sure, i let them run around outside in the sawdust pile (we have a sawdust pile, btdubs) and get normal-kid-levels of dirty, but stuff like finger painting and body painting and even, if i'm being brutally honest, blowing bubbles and eating ketchup are sometimes not options at our house.  big family mamas hear me on this.

which brings us to today's post:  today is the day that i let the kids run around in their undergarments and eat millions of s'mores, the stickiest, gooiest, stain-iest food known to man.  and i'm cool with it.  because it's one day.  it's mes'morial day.

i feel like i'm vindicated as a parent by mes'morial day.  i feel like the other 364 days of the year, i can be all, 'no you can't use glitter!  no you can't have ketchup!  no you can't paint-by-number!  no you can't use glue!  no you can't eat glue!'  because of mes'morial day.  (and also the fact that i feed my kids pb&j for breakfast nearly every morning of their existence.  but that is neither here nor there.)

i obviously do not have photos of it happening this year yet, as this blog was set to post at midnight this morning and we do not cheat father time by eating our s'mores early.  but just imagine chocolate and marshmallows on every square inch and in every orafice of every of-age child, and you've got a pretty accurate idea of what's about to go down.

bring it on.


lauren said...

This sounds so fun!

todd said...

t minus a few hours before the cracker sandwiches (atticus' impromptu word for when i described smores to him).