snow day!

so, like i mentioned last week, we had a decent snowfall.  it was finneas' first time playing in the snow, and after he got the hang of walking (and falling) in one-size-too-big snowboots, he loved it.

not quite comprehending the sticky properties of warm snow that allow it to cling to your gloves.  he was a little freaked.

penelope spent her time eating snow.

atticus spent his time wiping the snow off the van and staring in awe at the melted snow pouring out of the downspout.


todd said...

i love that last picture of Atticus looking at the melting water coming out of the spout.

i also really like that first picture of finneas with the others in the background.

whenjeskasparks said...

i think i'd be happier with snow days if they were more like that. enough snow to get excited about but it's still kinda warm and then it goes away by the next day. i can get behind that kinda snow.