flush it. flush it good.

hey! i forgot to tell you the story of how all my clean laundry ended up soaked in toilet water!

a couple weeks ago, we were really busy with hospitality.  every day that week had at least one person or couple coming to our house, if not more than that.  (one day that week, we had SIX separately scheduled meet-ups with people throughout the day.  SIX!)  needless to say, i was behind on laundry.  i had gotten most of it through the washer and dryer, but it was still sitting in baskets in the basement, waiting to be folded.

then our toilet clogged.  not an unusual occurrence around here, what with trillions of people around and only one bathroom and a toilet that was installed in the early 90's.  so at first i was all, 'no biggie.  i've got this covered.'  but then i was all, 'scratch that! it is a biggie! and now i have a quarter-inch of water all over my bathroom floor and into the hallway.'  (luckily it really was only water.)

so i mopped it up with a bunch of towels, which i then stuffed down the laundry shoot.  goody, more laundry!  but when i went down to actually put them in the washer, i discovered that the water had leaked through the ceiling onto everything below.  including all the clean laundry that i was already behind on and would now have to wash again.

i realize this is not a big deal to anyone else.  but i was SO. TICKED.  i've also forgotten to tell you that this was the same week that i was switching out all the kids' clothes for different sizes/seasons, so i had a ton of extra laundry in addition to everything else.  i'm not sure exactly how many loads had to be re-washed, but it's reasonable to guess between five and seven, not including the extra load of toilet-water towels i ended up having to wash.

and that is why, on that particular day, i was all, 'can i just chuck my life out a window and start over?'  anyone else have days like that?  (who am i kidding? of course you do!)


whenjeskasparks said...

oh geez. that's like ridiculously frustrating. i can't even imagine all that because i only have to redo laundry if i forget it in the washer and it gets smelly or if it's sitting too long on laundry mountain and there's dust bunnies all over it.
(clearly laundry is my top skill.)

but yeah, good thing it was only water. blugh.
you deserved a milkshake that day. i hope you got one. or whatever milkshake equivalent that would make your heart happy.

todd said...

I don’t know what you are talking about.

I fart rainbows.


Be warm and well fed.

Anonymous said...

Since potty training kids we have had to call a plumber three times (the clog had flushed far enough it was past the house but hadn't made it to the sewer). All due to their excitement of being able to actually use the toilet paper on the roll instead of just unrolling it into a pile on the floor. I have cleaned up and bleached my basement due to it being stinky sewer water.

It sucks. I feel your pain!