my crazy's like whoa. my mail guy's like whoa. my laundry's like whoa.

lately, i have had like zero attention span.  i'm still in those lazy, hazy, crazy days of newborn, plus i've had a ton of social interaction recently, which always makes me re-evaluate my schizophrenic social skills. (i'm learning i shouldn't be allowed around people too much; it makes my brain short out.)  but, on the plus side, i'm thinking i'd like to fully invest in this whole 'i'm on the crazy train' thing, so i've decided to start making up stories about random passers-by.

lots of people walk past my house on a given day.  we live close to the university, so there are lots of car-less students that walk to and fro.  also, we have a mail guy.  plenty of previously missed opportunities to silently pretend to be besties with a stranger, am i right?  so i think my singular goal for the day is to make up some complicated friendship history with the girlfriend of the guy who lives across the street.  she seems like she'll be within viewing distance of our house a lot, so it seems like we should have a colorful backstory.  i'll let you know how that goes.

also, i lied when i said my singular goal for the day is making up that story; it is actually one of two goals, the other one being to re-wash the multiple loads of laundry that got toilet water all over them.  and because i'm crazy and distracted and therefore low on blog post ideas, i'll save that little gem of a tale for next week.


todd said...

Paige, we don’t have a mail guy. Our mail guy’s been dead for 30 years. I think you’re seeing things.

paige said...

SHUTTERSPEED! i should have seen this coming.

todd said...

Or should you have?
Dum dum dum
*Insert dramatic hamster*