sing it if you know it: weekly whatup.

let's begin with this week's major accomplishment, shall we?  i have not cried about the state of my life since saturday!  (i think.)  that's pretty huge.  it means that i feel i have a tiny semblance of control and calm in the midst of chaos.  in fact, i really do think we're settling in around here.  barring any kind of major (or minor) upheaval, and until i'm finally forced to take them out in public by myself, things should be manageable and, dare i say it, somewhat normal-feeling.

okay, on to the week's other milestones:

sister poop-pants turned one month old!  and waved her arms and rapped, 'hip hop hooRAY, HO, HEY, HO' in celebration.

now you're singing it, i know you are.  hip hop hooRAY, HO, HEY, HO!

man alive, it's exhausting being this old.

finneas is learning to use a fork. i'm pleasantly surprised to find that it actually motivates him to eat small bits of dinner that he would normally snub, like this-here rice.  amazing.

also, he lifted a car and gave you his best 'step off' look while so doing.  don't mess with him; he's an ironman with the intensity to prove it.

penelope conquered her first without-help puzzle:

also, not pictured:  she ate six eggs for breakfast the other day.  i repeat: six eggs.  the next day she ate two and a half pb&j's on whole wheat.  i really should contact the food network about this: we could be making sweet grocery-moolah doing a show called 'preschooler v. breakfast.' 

and just because they're insanely cute:

there you have it: the van voorst weekly chronicles.


todd said...

I thought maybe she was rapping, “my hat is like a shark fin!!!”

lauren said...

I was totally head-sing-reading laurelai's song and then you called me on it. so then I kept singing it in my head throughout the post.

seriously, how great is that hug picture? atticus totally has the brotherly-one-arm-side-hug down. champion.