widdle waddle.

whew! it's friday!  these last few weeks have been packed full of the most fun and most challenging part of ministry: people.  lots of people.  i really like the community we have here, and the people that we're getting to know and getting to serve, but wow.  i am an introvert.  and i am tired.

so we're taking the weekend to hunker down and maybe refuel with some junk food and movies.  we'll see how it goes.

anyway, some highlights of the week:

on saturday, my sister came up from des moines for the day, which was really really great.  we tried to go junk-shopping, but instead ended up at qdoba.  it's the same.

saturday evening, todd went to 'man time,' which i mentioned on wednesday.  he shot a rifle.  he shot a shotgun.  he tried a little archery.  he dueled a guy with airsoft guns, which he lost because his gun was (unbeknownst to him) out of pellets in the last duel.  it seems a bit unfair, but there are no do-overs in the wild, untamed west that is man time.  then he played some football and some golf.  then he got tazed (during which he obeyed my wishes and didn't have a heart attack, so that was considerate).  then he had some steak and corn and then came home.  i'm pretty sure he now has a few more chest hairs than when he left, and his beard is noticeably more voluptuous, so it seems the event was a success.

on tuesday, i got up early to read my bible and pray a bit before the kids got up.  soon enough, though, they were peeking around the corner and telling me that it was snowing.  i was all, 'hilarious, now get those booties back to bed.'  but they were all, 'no really! it's snowing!'  so i looked outside, and sure enough, it was snowing.  and not just snowing, but snowing.  big old fatties of flakes.  and it kept going all morning and into the early afternoon.  so what else could i do but let the kids play outside?  it was finn's first time playing in the snow, and he loved it!  i'll have to show you some more photos next week.

yesterday was todd's birthday.  we got cupcakes from the local specialty-cupcake place.  they were amazeballs.  amazecakes.

 later yesterday evening, he got the chance to teach at The Salt Company, our church's college ministry.  he did an incredible job, if i do say so myself.  i was so proud of him!

and in sadder news, i'm gearing up to sue hy-vee for using my rap name, 'freaky fresh,' in their local ads.  that name is trademarked.  they should know that by now.


todd said...

i love our life.

i love that i get to have you by my side as we go about it.

todd said...

dear freaky fresh,

by the way,

"we tried to go junk-shopping, but instead ended up at qdoba. it's the same."

that is amazeballs.

speaking of which,


i could hardly love you more than i do right now.


man-time Todd

P.S. i'm glad you noticed the height and width and length and depth of my beard.

todd said...

widdle waddle willy wonka weekly what's up wut wut!

whenjeskasparks said...

i like that reading your blogs outloud to josh has been like one of our family staples. it's nice. makes us feel like we're not missing out. also holy handsome husband, batman! todd's clearly got some connections to the clooney family 'cause 35 never looked so good. high five to you both. 'cause that's a win win win.